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Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

If there is one thing we must do for our lips, it is to take care of them to ensure that they stay plump for as long as possible. What to do? Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

The thing I love most about Silk Naturals' lip products is that they are petrochemicals-free. In our lifetime of wearing lipsticks and balms, we will consume an average of about 4-6 pounds of lip products. So if that is going to happen, we might as well be eating Silk Naturals' lippies since theirs are made of ingredients such as avocado oil and shea butter.

SN's line of lip products include the liquid lip gloss (applied with a doe-foot applicator), solid lip gloss (twist-up and organic), lip sticks (twist-up and organic) and Kiss Bliss demi gloss (pigment of a lipstick but with shine of a gloss). My collection currently contains 4 solid lip glosses and 1 limited edition (Color For a Cure) solid lip gloss. What I have noticed with these glosses is that the colors are extremely wearable no matter which one it is. The comfort level of wearing these pigmented lip colors is extreme and these babies condition my lips better than anything I have tried. As much as I would love to slather on the ultimate lip product that is La Mer's "The Lip Balm", being able to SPEND on things other than lip balm seems more justifiable. Now SN's lippies are packaged in a skinny tube (see 1st photo) with printed sticker labels (perhaps not the fanciest), but they retail for only 4.25 usd each. They are so good that I even wear them to bed at night.

Read on for color description of my current lineup of SN lippies (which is expecting to grow substansially in the near future):

Sweet Nothing - Similar to Skinny Dip below but slightly darker. No shimmer. I wear this on my top lip.

Skinny Dip - Natural, daytime mauve that seems to just enhance my pigmented lips ever so slightly. Satin finish. I wear this on my bottom lip.

Rhonda - Described as a shimmery lavender but does not apply 'old money' as I had imagined it might. This one surprised me. It looks great paired with purple-y eyes.

Birthday Suit - SN calls this the "Ultimate Nude Lippie". The color looks like it belongs on my olive/golden skin tone. I normally prefer a paler nude lipstick (my heart belongs to MAC's 3N lipstick) but I favor this for times when I want some color.

Monarch (LE) - Contains the luxuriousness of 23k gold edible leaf, apricot kernel wax, cranberry seed oil, passionfruit oil, camellia oil. Touted as the most luxurious lippie collection so far by SN. The color is a warm gold and very wearable by different skin tones for night time.

My male readers should not fret. Silk Naturals also make a clear balm to make sure your lips stay kissable as well.

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), silknaturals.com

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The Seeker said...

Always telling us great tips and great reviews, darling.

And I love tha fact that men can also wear this ;)

Thank you dear for all your support!!!
It means a lot to me.
Hope you'll have a fab weekend.


' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

lol I love how you added the info for male readers :)

Monarch sounds so luxurious! 23K gold leaf? sounds too good to use...

Izar said...


Guess what: your post has just made me order some stuff from SN, a solid, organic lip gloss among them in Gold Blush. I've been wanting to try some of their stuff, and the fact that you like these was the final push to place my order. :)

Thanks for the great review, it really came at the right time. ;-)

My next order will probably include Sweet Nothing, but I wonder: does it look anything like the swatch on SN's list of lippie swatches?