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Donna Karen Fall '08

Does a man or a woman better understand how to design for the woman's form? It is a debate with no end in sight.

However, one thing that I am sure of is that Donna Karen has a complete understanding of how to dress a women with curves. I am in love with the way the fabrics seem to river & flirt with our eyes. There is a sense of understated confidence that doesn't sacrifice femininity.

The key to dressing "DK" ~

Boudoir Dressing
Something seductive that slips on and may slip off easily! Glides around with us wherever we go and takes the form of our body.

Tapestry Top Layer
A dressy top that has all the drama we need so that we can keep the rest easy.

Venetian Drama
Enter a room with drama and the richness of jewel tones.

Exotic Evening
Exotic looking fabrics dresses us up all the time.

Noir Nights
Yes, black is back again but DK takes it to reflective heights!

Urban Upulance
Soft shimmery suits that takes us day to night.

Wardrobe Foundation
A simple yet sassy layer which can be revealed when the layers come off.

Luxe Cashmere Tweed
Structure built into cashmere that takes off the heaviness but makes for interesting illusion.

Credit: Grayburn
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rocketqueen said...

Oh that is absolutely lovely! I adore Donna Karan, she's one of the fashion designers that I actually know something about! LOL!

The Seeker said...

Oh, I love this from DK, you're so right, she really knows how to dress a woman.

Dear I'm having some troubles to receive the alert that you have a new post, but I remind me that it's probably because of what happened to your blog and those copycats.
So now I know how to do it, I just will come here check, without expecting.

Well darling... my anonymous "fan" attacked again... you know.

So hope everything is ok.
Much love