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Story Behind Givenchy's Autumn/Winter 08/09 Make-up Line


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Make Do and Mend said...

I love the givenchy boxes and the contents!

fashion herald said...

i used to only wear givenchy makeup ages ago, when I'd get a discount, and I loved it. The foundation was like velvet, and their eye colors the best.

sea life said...

Dear Grayburn,HELLPPPP:)
In the morning I examinated my eyes very properly, and I got crowes!!! Please be so kind and recomend a cream(oily skin). I never used an eye cream, so I have no idea!
Thanks a loooooooooottttttt:)

Grayburn said...

sea life..don't panic :) first off get an eye cream with spf to wear during the day to prevent further damage. At night, choose a hydrating gel/cream which helps to plump the skin. Mind you don't expect miracles and results overnight but creams do help. For your skin, try to stay away from anything overly emollient as they can clog your pores. Clarins, Garnier, Awake, Lancome, Weleda (just to name a few) make good products for the eyes and choose according to your personal preferences.

good luck and let me know if you need more info.

x Grayburn

sea life said...

Thanks Grayburn,
when I'll have the chance again to go shopping I'll buy something from Lancome,but for me it is to much this kind of 1cream over day and another one for night.I'll look for 2in1 :)
Ah by the way, last week I had a full face threading. I got irritated, awful.Never recommend it.