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Junya Watanabe, Katsuya Kamo

I spoke too early. Today, the perky Spring weather I bragged about seems to have disappeared. Wind speed is at 30mph and it is just pouring outside. So looking at the all black Junya Watanabe Fall 2009 photos today seems appropriate.

For our homework assignment this week, our teacher wants us to look at the Spring 2009 Watanabe collection. Instead of doing what I'm supposed to do, I have been side-tracked and have been drawn to the mysterious fall collection (pictured above) seen in Paris.

The element of surprise and drama is kept high even when such a somber palette is used. I find my eyes traveling from one feature to the next, be it the sculptural black wig pieces or the gold chain detailing, without feeling overloaded. Every angle of every model were meticulously thought out which means that one can spend hours on end appreciating the beauty in the littlest of details or the collection in its entirety.

As an aspiring makeup artist, I am completely mesmerized by Katsuya Kamo's work here for the show. The drama of it is in how the model's features were altered, enhanced or minimized by the black-and-white oil portrait effect.

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), style.com

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shopinchic said...

Unique and fabulous all at once.

Film Upstart said...

I did laugh about you calling it the fat collection. Yes this suden cold air is too much!!