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Chanel Shopping Bag

The black and white paper shopping bag from Chanel is such a symbol of class and luxury. Most often when I see someone walking down the street with one of them in her clutch I immediately have the urge to rush over and see what lovely things she got!

The shopping bags pictured above come from Chanel's Spring Summer 2009 RTW collection and are crafted out of calfskin with hand painted lettering. They come in 3 sizes: large (looks like the one you get when say you have purchased a large purse), medium (the one you get when you have perhaps purchased 2 pairs of sunglasses), and small (the one you get when you buy a lipstick or a rose broche). Colors are in black, white, or pink.

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), chanel.com, style.com

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Cris said...

I love that :D!
Brilliant idea :).

Anonymous said...

The Chanel Shopping bag is such an innovative and beautifully crafted bag and yet so simple and elegant. The way the lambskin has been produced to have a smooth surface and leather crafted into the iconic shopping bag produced by chanel with attention to such detail like the creasing on the sides of the bag is really original. I love this bag and recently purchased it to add to my collection. I have a few Chanel classic bags in black and gold but this bag is great for day use and is so original,classic fun. And is an iconic piece of luxury to be treasured. It is also cool, funky and original and I LOVE IT.