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Growing Pains - One Story On Lashes

All the craze happening at the moment with lash growth serums has me going too. But being quite wary of risks and an unwillingness to part with a big sum had me scavenging around for alternatives. As you might know, I have issues with the lashes I was born with. The numerous times I have talked about different mascaras and my SSS (short, straight, sparse) lashes hopefully did not drive you insane.

A less intimidating option that I have found is from Japan and it is called Avancé Lash Serum EX (pictured above). This little blue glass bottle containing 7ml of clear liquid - a concoction that promises to help repair weak lashes and to encourage lashes to grow stronger and longer. This medicated version is supposedly more potent than the original, which is already a well-received lash serum in both Japan and Taiwan.

Unscrewing the cap on the bottle you will find inside a mascara wand in the clear liquid that is neither thick or thin in consistency. Noticing a slight bit of fragrance, applying the product is easy and never gave me blurred vision. The method I use to apply the product is such: 1. hold wand horizontally to lashes and wiggle the product into lashes, staying close to the roots but never in the eye. 2. hold wand vertically and apply product directly to the root using the tip of the wand. 3. ensure that all lashes (upper and lower) are well saturated but don't get any in the eye.

Result: my last 2 months using this serum is finally paying off. An accident with my metal lash curler which had ripped off a few of my lashes (an incident too traumatic to be told) made a noticeable gap on my upper lashline. However, I noticed stronger and thicker lashes (than before) grow back at 3 weeks after the incident. Now at exactly 2 months after my first application, my lashes are thicker and ever so slightly longer. My lashes feel well conditioned and I am even leaving my volumising mascara behind for the first time in my life!

Websites: Avance-cosme.co.jp
Adambeauty.com (Apprx. 18 USD/13 EUR)

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use)

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Marian said...

wow great review, id never heard of lash serum before so this was a great read. glad you are seeing results!
muah x

The Seeker said...

I agree with Marian, darling!


Leigh said...

Sounds great. I've been looking for cheaper alternatives to some of the more expensive lash serums out there. Thanks for the great review. Take Care.

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Sounds like it works well! Do you find the product lasts a while? The only lash serum I've tried is the Ardell one but it tends to get thick, goopy, and disgusting after just a month.

Tierra M Wilson said...

Thanks for the extensive review. Super helpful. Could this be the next addition to my makeup case??


Grayburn said...

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' ,

nope, hasn't gone at all goopy on my yet :) maybe because I keep a finger on the opening when I have the wand out? 2 mths later I still haven't used up even half of the bottle.

xo Grayburn

Luckylady said...

Would this be better than Latisse?

Luckylady said...

Would this be better than Latisse?