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A Fruit Obsession

I am addicted to anything that smells, tastes or remotely looks like pineapples. Why, don't we all have a fruit that we just can't get enough of?

The pineapple has long been used as an aid for intestinal problems. It contains the enzyme bromelain which is good at breaking down proteins. In skincare, pineapples are valued also for bromelain because it gently yet effectively sloughs off dead skin cells and smooths what I refer to as 'beginner' lines. Pineapple's high levels of Vitamins A & C furthers this action and boosts skin's radiance and also feeds the skin with nutrients. The addition of allantoin in the facial mask helps to smooth the skin by increasing extracellular water content while providing wound-healing and anti-irritation properties.

I have been all over my tube of Natura Bisse Ananas Finishing Mask (Mascarilla Revitalizante) for the past few months. If you can imagine a kind of calming pineapple smell, rather than the sensory stimulating kind, this one has it! The mask dries rather quickly, and with a matte finish, but applies creamy. I always feel happier after having pampered myself with it. My mood is brightened and my skin feels refined and softened. I think the mask is well worthwhile for those looking for a weekly treat which helps to gently brighten the complexion and mood.

What is your fruit obsession?

Website: naturabisse.es
Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), wikipedia.org

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Opé - Style Artist said...

I love products like this!
Hiiiiiiiii Grayburn, I missed you much!

The Seeker said...

Great information dear.

Can I say cocoa as a fruit...??? ;)


shopinchic said...

I love strawberry scented beauty products and skincare.

Tey said...
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Cris said...

Cherries :).
And I gave your blog an award ;).

fashion herald said...

yes, you've so convinced me, pineapple please! but ok for sensitive skin??

Grayburn said...

Hmm...strawberries, cherries...I love all red fruits too! Let me dig up some other fruity skincare to try out!

xo Grayburn