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If a product is marked with "Packaged with Biodegradable Materials" or "Green", next to a product that doesn't have similar claims, are we more likely to buy it?

St├ęphane Guilbert, a professor of Bio-polymer Science and Engineering warns us of "unwelcome ethical consequences" related to certain 'green' materials used in packaging consumer products today.

Polylactic acid (PLA) - "biodegradable thermoplastic, aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources"; from either corn starch or sugarcane.

--> Issue: the corn used to produce PLA is often genetically modified.

--> Issue: corn and sugarcane are important food sources which means the price of food in developing countries are affected.

Other Issues:
- Some biodegradable packaging cannot be broken down alone without the help of added treatment (something which we cannot easily obtain).

- Bio-plastics are generally not as durable as normal plastics (i.e. sensitivity to moisture, heat) which makes them less reliable when used as packaging material for cosmetics or personal care products.

Bottom line: Rethink 'Green' and question 'natural' + There is a chance that you will find the biodegradable container of your favorite tube of lipstick have melted along with the lipstick itself if you happened to have left it in a hot car.

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), cosmeticsdesign-europe.com, foneximhcm.vn, wikipedia.org

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Cris said...

Good points...Thanks for the info ;).
Paper packaging's a good idea though :), 'cause they don't break down if treated carefully.
P.S. I once forgot a 'biodegradable' bag from The Body Shop in my suitcase - and when I found it (weeks after), it was, well, half decomposed already >:-). I guess the bag can't tell a rubbish bin and a suitcase apart :-P.

The Seeker said...

So great information darling.
Eco friendly is something so important.

So how are classes???? I'm sure you're loving them!!!!

All the best, sweet heart


shopinchic said...

Thanks for the information, that's good to know. Gotta be careful if you're going the extra mile to be

fashion herald said...

good advice, I'm usually one to pick the green product.