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Her Name Is Black Onyx

So let me report that my first class in makeup training was nerve-wracking but unquestionably exhilarating at the same time.

We have been given a part of our kit and I have since had a chance to play with some of the items from it. Pictured above is one of the items in the kit that I have come to enjoy working with. Her name is Color Shadow Powder in Black Onyx (M) and Il Makiage is her maker.

As you can see, the shadow has a complete black exterior. The rubbery feel of the top lid gives the container a professional feel in one's hand and finger prints don't seem to get imprinted on its surface as easily as on Nars' packaging.

Black Onyx is a matte true black color. While many matte black shadows can be tricky to work with, this particular one manages to be blendable and with just enough sheerness to enable working in layers. I was surprised that I was able to achieve a smooth winged-eye with a quick flick of a hand. While maintaining its blendability, the powder seem to also have grip on the skin that takes a few moments of rubbing before it will fade.

The maker of the eyeshadow (who has been around since the 70's by the way) has a large range of colors that come in either the matte (M) or iridescent (R) formulation. If all of their products are as outstanding as this little pot of eyeshadow pictured above, I think I have just discovered a new love!

Website: Il Makiage
Color Shadow Powder (5.1 grams)

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use)

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The Seeker said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!
For make-up classes!!!!
Glad you're enjoying, despite some nerves ;) Well all makes part of it.

Good luck with all darling! Well I didn't need to wish you because I know, and I'm sure it will df going to go for the best. You're such a smart girl and love all this.



shopinchic said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your makeup classes. It sounds like
a lot of fun!

Cris said...

True black...Lovely :).
You make me want to study make-up, lol...Enjoy your classes ;) ^_^.

Fabuless Beauty said...

How fun! I'm always skeptical with matte black eyeshadows. I'm afraid that it's not blendable.

Sabrina said...
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Sabrina said...

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