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Spring Inspirations - Ready For You H&M

A fresh new campaign from H&M featuring international models Eva Herzigova, Shalom Harlow and Vincent Gallo

prices shown above in euros
Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), hm.com

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Cris said...

Thanks from my sister, she adores H&M ;D.
[I haven't bought clothes in months...I spend all my money on make-up :-P.]

shopinchic said...

I've never shopped at H&M. Do they have a website you can shop from?

Grayburn said...

Hey Cris, I'm with your sis :) I love to grab white tanks and such things from there knowing that they'll never cost me too much. But I'm with you on spending money on makeup :)

have a great weekend,

Grayburn said...

Hey shopinchic, they have a webshop here in NL but none for the US. However, you can still browse around and get inspirations and prices in US$ if you visit their US site. Loads to look at! :)

x Grayburn

The Seeker said...

Hi G*
OMG you were so funny and your comment made me laugh. You didn't forget about me saying it always rain when I go to cut my hair. ;)

Oh I love H&M it's one of my fav shops. I've so many pity that they don't sale on line for Portugal.
But I already know that I'm going to mainland for Easter and so I'm planning lots of visits to H&M.

Oh darling it's great you're enjoying, despite lots of work, your classes.

Hope you're resting during weekends and enjoying your time.

Keep in touch, dear


fashion herald said...

they've got a nice look book in store also.