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well mr. f. NARS, i'm even more in love....

You came and took us by storm. You lit up makeup junkies' hearts at the NY fashion week by wowing us at the Marc Jacobs fall '09 show.

65 different makeup looks after 10 years of not stepping foot backstage of any runway shows? I am now even more in love.

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Cris said...

Why is Silent Night yellow?
Or let me rephrase that...Why is a yellow eyeshadow called Silent Night?
I don't get it. But maybe I'm just stupid, lol.
And these looks are wonderful. Very artistic perhaps, and not viable for real life, but wonderful :).

Grayburn said...

Hi Cris, That's a good question! Hmm if I had to guess I would guess the color looks like the stars in van gogh's paintings? This yellow is such a loud color that it is hardly silent lol! The looks are bold but I would love to have the courage to walk the streets one day as such and not care about the people staring :P

xo Grayburn

Jaimie said...

Gorgeous Looks, girl!

Don't forget to check out my new Lady Gaga Look Contest!

The Seeker said...

Nice question and great answer about the yellow being Silent Night :) love it!!!

And what great looks!!!

Hope you're having a great and rested weekend, my dear.



shopinchic said...

Nars makes the most cutting edge cosmetics and iconic looks.

Cris said...

Hear, hear ^ ;).
Thanks for the explanation :).