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Barbie Celebrates 50th At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Roger & Maruricio Padilha talks zebra-striped jumpsuit by Patricia Field inspired by Barbie's 1st bathing suit.

An unbelievable list of over 50 designers including Anna Sui, Derek Lam, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang and Diane von Furstenberg will present life-size pieces using Barbie as the muse on February 14th during New York Fashion Week. I am excited to see what a designer such as Donna Karen, who understands a woman's curves, will present.

A confirmed fact is that Barbie herself takes 3 hours to brush on layers of makeup paint (she has over 300 shades of brown in her makeup kit!). I hope her show will be on time and that she won't keep her guests waiting for too long!

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), video of some of the looks on barbiemedia.com

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Marian said...

oh my gosh i still adore barbie so this was a fun read for me!it seems like a lot of designers are being inspired to use barbie in one way or the other this season.
muah x

The Seeker said...

Barbie looks very well for her age!!!!! LOL

Have a great and rested weekend, darling.

And Happy V Day gorgeous!


Beauty Tyrant said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you dear!! I have a triple award for you. Look it up at my blog. You simply deserve it :)

shopinchic said...

I'm impressed that it takes that much time to put makeup on the
face of a doll. I love makeup,
but even I don't think I'd have
the patience of three hours.

Still love Barbie, though!