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All In The Details: C'est Brillant AIFW 2009

It was fantastic to see 5 groups of designers given the honor to create clothing to complement C'est Brillant's 2009 eyeglasses collection. I love the focus of using eyeglasses as an accessory rather than an ordinary visual-aid piece.

p.s. the name of the eyeglasses designer is not misspelled, "brillen" is the Dutch word for eyeglasses... a play on the English word "brill-i-ant"...you get the idea...!

I love details and personally I either buy something for its details or the very lack thereof - if you know what I mean. Here are the details that caught my eye and had me snapping crazily away with my camera ...

Olive Peoples and Malou Sebastian
Anne Et Valentin & Cross Colours
Sama Summum

Carrera & Ray-Ban, Nieuw Jurk

André Courrèges

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use)

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Opé - Style Artist said...

I love this... and those shoes!

Grayburn said...

Ope, I know! I have so many pictures of those shoes Lol!

xo Grayburn

Marian said...

amazing shots! you captured some great details honey! the shoes are just out of this world. love the! like that the pieces had to center on the glasses!
muah x

shopinchic said...

I cannot keep my eyes of the shoes!

The Seeker said...

I agree with the others... what great shoes!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks !! very helpful post!