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Something To Do With Vibrant Colors

I might not be quite ready to wear brights on my digits just yet (the temperature is still hovering at around freezing here) but I sure am looking forward to these 2 colors from Givenchy's Spring/Summer line. The collection, made up of vibrant pinks and oranges, drew inspiration from the exhilirating colors seen in India and in Bollywood films.

The vividly hot colors would make a bold statement equally on both pale to dark skin tones. I am hoping to make an even bolder statement for Summer by wearing the nail colors together in geometric blocks the same way I have seen done brilliantly on some dresses lately. It would work particularly well since the two shades complement each other rather well I think.

Vernis Please! Lacquer both LE (link) - Maharani Tangerine No. 161 (only available in Europe) and Maharani Pink No. 162.

Creator Nicolas Degennes talks about the collection:
"I saw India as a bombardment of colours bursting forth to the rhythm of filmi music. I had already been a fan of this infectious, upbeat music for a long time, but of course it was the imagery that really grabbed me — Bollywood and its palettes of colours burst with beams of light.Melodramatic love stories… But love stories all the same, with all the emotion, the ardour, the passion of hearts that are torn apart and the struggle through hardship … The stuff of life! And the women! So beautiful, vivacious, dazzling…… and yet so sweetly demure. I have been, sometimes without realizing it, inspired by historical, traditional India. A mysterious, magical, disquieting India. The India of symbols and thousands of gods, where even cows and elephants are made up and 'bejewelled'. The India of fairy tales, of Maharajas and especially Maharanis, wrapped up in their silk saris and covered in precious jewels.Words and images that take us beyond our boundaries.History, reality and fantasy join hands."

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), givenchy.com

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shopinchic said...

I love those bright nail lacquers!

Grayburn said...

shopinchic, I cannot wait to wear brights when the temperature rises! But for now, I'll stick to wintry reds, midnight blues and grays :)

x Grayburn