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A Promising Remedy- Avene Diacneal

So, onto a slightly less 'glamorous' topic (than say, catwalk shows), I have broken out with a deep, painful spot on the bridge of my nose. It is not really something I enjoy talking about and I admit to having turned my head to one side whenever I had to have a face-to-face conversation with someone. But I thought that if I shared with you my current personal plan of action, that you would hopefully share yours with me!

The pain can be described as if I had been punched on the nose. I scratched it by mistake the other day when I was at the supermarket and let out an embarrassing shriek. Looking at IT closely, the culprit is deep and I know that recovery is going to be a slow, emotional and painful process. I respect my body when it decides to speak up if I have been treating it unfairly. It does its job by telling us in numerous different ways; something like how an uncared for machine will stop working or misbehaves. Yes, stress has gotten to me.

I was standing inside a pharmacy in Paris which sold various potions for all sorts of ailments and self-improvements. Accompanying me was my list of items that I had drawn out to pick up when visiting a French pharmacy. Avene's Diacneal was one one such item on the list. The package said .01% Retinaldehyde and 6% Glycolic acid. Apparently, it is the right concoction that has gathered many satisfied customers.

It has been 2 days since I started using Diacneal. IT hasn't disappeared yet but is drawing closer to the surface as the skin on the area is being gradually sloughed off. What seems to set this acne treatment apart from regular treatments is that it hasn't caused the usual dried crustiness. The product is supposed to help smooth and fade acne scars, and its yellowy liquid causes an addictive tingle when applied. I am keeping my fingers crossed, hoping to see an end to this drama soon.

- August 27, 4 days since 1st application -

The affected area is now looking very smooth though red. Strangely enough, there is none of the crustiness nor irritation/sensitivity I was accustomed to experiencing with other acne treatments. IT is diminishing in size it seems, as it shows IT-self out to the surface.

- August 28, 5 days since 1st application -

I awoke in amazement when I discovered that IT is almost gone. There is still a slight bump and the redness is barely perceivable.

- August 30, 1 week since 1st application -

The skin around where I applied Diaceneal is smooth and soft. I no longer need to cover IT with concealer. I think I can stop using the treatment tomorrow.

Diaceneal is also available outside of France; in fact, in most countries.

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Rocketqueen said...

Ouch! I know what you mean! I sometimes get loads of red bumps on my face which just hurts so much! I've started to use Pai skincare which has really helped my skin. Nothing this strong though as my skin is so so sensitive! Now when then winter is drawing nearer, I will use lactic acid treatment, from skinlaboratory.com. That helps too!

I will stay tuned for more updates on IT!

Jaimie @ Just Kiss 'N Makeup said...

oo i need some of those, i hope it works quickly and you feel better!

The Seeker said...

Thanks for the information.
I hope you feel better soon darling.

My weekend was so and so, but I tried to rest and relax as much as I could. Thanks for asking dear.