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Reader's Makeup Tutorial - Sunny Day Look

We all know that makeup can be tricky (but a lot of fun as well). For me, the point of having a beauty blog is to share information and exchange beauty tips and tricks. A reader of mine has been playing with her new minerals and decided to share her favorite makeup looks (and products) with all of us. I have the absolute pleasure to introduce you to Jill, who has spent a tremendous amount of time preparing and listing her step-by-steps for us. Thank you Jill! This is really a great way for all of us to be inspired and to learn a little something from each other! Let's show her some love and let's start some chatter about some of our favorite cosmetics!

Jill's Instructions (plus my comments in quotes, if any):

1. On a clean face, I applied Alba body lotion, SPF15. Then Glo-Mineral pressed face powder in Medium is used to even out skin tone.

(The take home message is simple: We should not forget to wear an SPF everyday. Notice her amazing skin?)

2. Next, Meow Lush Blush in Wanton.

The Meow sample blushes I've tried are really wonderful; in that they are very pigmented and have a LOT of glimmer. These blushes when applied under a mineral foundation or silk powder, becomes a little more toned down; depending on the time of day and the occasion. Also, the less you burnish these blushes, the more glimmer you retain, so you can really get two colors or two different looks with the same color of blush. This one I have chosen to use for the look, Wanton, applies with plum undertones and pink glimmer over top. I really like the Meow Lush Blush samples I've tried.

(It is interesting how different sometimes online swatches look from when the color is applied on skin. This blush looks warmer on Jill than it does in the swatch on Meow's website. My review of some of Meow's blushes can be found here.)

3. For eyes, Meow ScandalEyes in Patty H.

A very pretty dark blue with just enough sparkle for anyone over 30! I find that as one ages, too much sparkle can look bad as sparkles tend to migrate into small wrinkles that exaggerates them.

(A touch of creamy shimmer is really beautiful. But yes it's true, w
e have to be careful with too much glitter around the eyes. I have reviewed some of Meow's eye shadows as well.)

4. Next I used Jessica H. to highlight brow bones.

(Highlighting the brow bone area and the inner V's of our eyes freshen up our eye area; making us look more awake. This shade looks pretty on those with beige undertones in the skin. Those with ivory or olive skin tones should opt for something containing slightly more yellow undertone.)

5. I applied two coats of Max Factor's brown/black mascara.

(I usually wear black mascara. However I think the dark brown complements this look very well. I think I will take this tip from Jill!)

6. The lipstick in this photo is a 7 year old sample from Lancome, a pink with slighter shimmer. The name of the color has worn off. Perhaps it's time to get a new lipstick? :)

(Shhh...but I too still have my Nina Ricci lipstick palette from 10 years ago! I just don't have the heart to throw it away as it is so pretty and still smells amazing. This shade that Jill is wearing is a pretty rosy pink that naturally compliments most skin tone.(

7. To finish, I used a buff brush to lightly buff Lumiere's Island Sands Silk Radiance for a pretty glow. It is a great color for many skin types and gives a nice finishing look. Thanks for recommending it, Grayburn!

(You're welcome! You can still catch my review of Lumiere Cosmetics if you would like!)

Credits: Jill, Jill's husband for taking the photograph of Jill, Meow Cosmetics, Lumiere Cosmetics.

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The Seeker said...

Darling, have you came back from Paris???
OMG it was your birthday and I didn't find the day!!!!
Just to do one thing to wish you Happy Bday.
So now I just can wish you a Happy Belated Birthday.
Hope you had a great time in Paris!!!!!!

Great tutorial!!!
Thanks to you and to Jill for sharing all.


B said...

Jill is lovely! I love her eyessss. And uh? Wha? It was your birthday? I hope it was as beautiful as youuuu!!

Savvy Mode SG said...

thanks for sharing. that is comprehensive.

shopinchic said...

Thank you for sharing this advice.