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Mineral Makeup Series - Meow Cosmetics

I am so overwhelmed with all these little baggies and sample jars of colored mineral powders that I am seriously in need of one of those rotary business card holders to help me get organized. If anyone knows of any better way to organize them, please drop a line!

The pictures you see below are samples of eyeshadows, foundations and blushes from Meow Cosmetics. Sometimes a company can become so overly "themed" that they might risk coming across like a Versace pillow. Makeup should sometimes be fun though, so all the cat pictures on Meow Cosmetics' jars are fun indeed. Their leopard-print tissue papers add an extra spice. All in all, Meow Cosmetics produces some very finely milled mineral products and probably the largest mineral foundation (review coming) collection I have seen.

From left to right:
First row - IdealEyes Sourpuss, VandalEyes Sexual Misconduct, VandelEyes Embezzling, CatEyes Skinny Bitch, Firefly Glint, Firefly Firecracker, Firefly Shimmer, Firefly Glisten, Tickled Pink
Second row - Frisky Korat, Sleek Angora, Sleek Korat undereye, Frisky Angora, Sleek Abyssinian, Frisky Kora undereye, Sleek Korat, Sleek Manx

IdealEyes Sourpuss (eyeshadow)- Medium olive with very fine gold and peach shimmer. It has a nice sheen to it that is not overpowering.

VandalEyes Sexual Misconduct (eyeshadow)- Light olive base with very fine gold shimmer. Buffs out to a metallic green gold that has is a cooler tone than Sourpuss (above).

VandelEyes Embezzling (eyeshadow) - A light green that is warm because of the gold shimmer it sits in. Slightly more sparkly than the IdealEyes serie.

CatEyes Skinny Bitch (eyeshadow) - This matte shadow brightened up my entire lid with its apricot/beige tones. Reminds me of a color-correcting undereye concealer which hides bluish circles.

Firefly Glint (blush) - Powerful fine shimmer that starts off slightly iridescent, then buffs out into a light bluish/silver pink. The shimmer is truly so fine that they are hardly noticeable. Universally flattering.

Firefly Firecracker (blush) - Woa! The real thing looks nothing like the picture on their website! In the little sample bag, it looks like pure red/brick pigment. On my skin however, this turns into a deep raspberry (no mauve) with gold shimmer. The shimmers in this one is by no means huge but is more noticeable than those in Glint (above). Works best on darker skin tones I would say.

Firefly Shimmer (blush) - In the little sample baggie, this looks like a muddy orange. Out of the bag and on my skin, it looks like a true peach with gold shimmer.

Firefly Glisten (blush) - Mid-tone brick/peach that is quite pigmented. Adds more of a punch than Shimmer (above).

Tickled Pink (blush) - The name is as cute as it looks in the sample baggie. This shade is almost the same but slightly darker and more intense than Glint (above).

Credits: Grayburn

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The Seeker said...

My dear, I think I've never saw such beautiful samples all together.

If it was me I would be overwelmed, without knowing what was what.

I really admire the way you organize things, and have such information.


Anonymous said...

Hi! How do you organize your sample baggies?

Grayburn said...

Hi Anony:
I actually haven't come up with a system yet. I've been thinking hard about it and will share with you when I have a system which I think works. Pls stay tune!

Hi seeker,
Aww, that's so sweet what you said! Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

I felt the same way when I got my samples from Meow. I used travel contact lens cases to put the samples in, and cut the labels and put them on each one. It works really well for the eyeshadows and concealer. I used old mineral makeup containers for the foundation. I'm going to order full size tonight.Hope this is helpful.

vchan said...
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