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Constance Bennett - Skincare & Beauty in "Daily Beauty Rituals', 1937

A video starring Constance Bennett teaching us a lesson or two about skincare and beauty. Bennett was a woman who adored Joy, a perfume by the distinctive nose of Jean Patou who produced the Ma Collection in the 30's, much like Ms Monroe and Ms. Onassis did. The video is a reminder of how much we have learned about skincare since days gone by. But it presents some of the basics we still hold dear.

The skincare steps demonstrated in this video by Ms. Bennett are:

1. Cleanse using cleansing cream (cold cream) and the waterless method. (Does anyone know what her comment about "not growing fuzz" means?).
2. Application of a 'stimulant' cream. Providing stimulation was what she claimed to be the basis of her beauty.
3. Application of a facial mask for circulation, left on during a bath or breakfast.
4. Application of a 'glow base'. Our version of a tinted moisturizer?
5. Application of cream rouge to the cheeks.
6. Light application of face powder.
7. Application of a long-wearing lipstick. (What brand might that have been?).

Do you feel these steps still apply today? Let me know your thoughts on this or on what your particular skincare steps are today.

"So now goodbye. I wish you all loads and loads of loveliness and good luck!" Constance Bennett.

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La Belette Rouge said...

I use L'Occitane Shea Cleansing Milk. I am waterless.
As close as I come to a stimulant skin is a retinol cream at night.
I use a facial mask 2x's a week.
And, yes to tinted moisturizer.
I do use a creme rouge.
I say no to face powder and yes to long-wearing lipsitick. I am a fan of MAC's power point version.

The Seeker said...

It's so cute, how things are different these days.

Hope you're having a nice Easter.