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Coastal Scents Duo Fibre Stippling Brush, Chisel Fluff/Pointed Crease Duet

A recent friendly sale at Coastal Scents has led me to a rather friendlier discovery. I said friendly because it was 20% on makeup brushes and it was only for the span of a weekend. The sale had come at the precise moment of my own growing dependence on the MAC #187 brush and the realization that I need more than one of them in my daily routine. It was also the precise moment that I realized I would be too spoiled if I had another such brush.

I am glad that some of you shared that same excitement as I had when I found out about the sale at Coastal Scents. I also saw that most of you took more advantage of it than I did! I think the time has come to have a look to see what I think of them as I have had more than enough time to give the two brushes I bought, my wear & tear tests. The two brushes I bought: Duo Fibre Stippling Brush and the Chisel Fluff/Pointed Crease Duet.

The stippling brush from Coastal Scents is pretty much the exact copy of the MAC #187 brush. It has an extremely long plastic handle and the two grooves on the metal part which fastens the brush head to the handle (as do MAC's). The hairs on both brushes have the renown softness and shape that any stippling brush should have. However, CS's version is slightly less full and more bendable than MAC's. The softness in CS's version may pose an as an obstacle when used for stippling liquid/cream products. For me, this difference is not a major hindrance and will not deter me from purchasing another one (unless much changes in the long term). There is no "stink" if you have wondered about that. The handle is perfectly steady (no wobbliness) and easy to manipulate if you don't get too close to the mirror. The only minus points are given to the shedding I experienced during my first 6 washes (so it all happened during my first week of testing).

Coastal Scents' duet eyeshadow brush is the brush I currently prefer to use to apply eyeshadows. The brush has duo-ends with one flat rounded side and the other a rounded point. The two ends are efficient and it is a quick go-to because I don't have to dig out 2 separate brushes. The rounded pointy end applies my crease colors whilst the rounded flat end smudges and blends the colors together. The bristles are certainly soft enough that they treat my sensitive eyes with respect. There has so far been no shedding and only slight mothball smell from the flat end of the brush, which I should say is diminishing over time.

If you don't already own either one of these brushes and know how little I paid for these two versatile and useful brushes, you may start to wonder yourself why you haven't already gotten your own. CS has also recently released more new makeup brushes (lots of candy pink brushes).

Both available online
Duo Fibre Stippling Brush available for 7.95
Chisel Fluff/Pointed Crease Duet retails for 3.95

Credits: Grayburn

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The Seeker said...

That's one of the things that are already in my makeup shopping list - brushes.

So that's a good information.

Well dear I don't think I will post my trip outfits, they will be boring, I'm hoping to dress comfy and sporty, but I'll have more things to post, like my entrance in a beauty shop ;)


Grayburn said...

Oh get some makeup brushes, go go go! Be sure to share with us ok?