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Mineral Makeup Series - Everyday Minerals

The craze for mineral makeup was most certainly started by a company called Bare Escentuals. As celebrities and magazines all raved about their glowy foundations, the market saw first a few and then a flood of mineral makeup companies.

Those who didn't like Bare Escentuals (either because their foundations contain bismuth oxycloride or that they had a hard time finding the right shade), moved onto these other companies to hopefully end their search for the right formula. That search almost always led them to Everyday Minerals. There must indeed be something very special about Everyday Minerals, because from reading MUA, an average of 75% of people who have tried their products say that they will purchase them again.

I was fortunate to have Melissa at Everyday Minerals organize some of their best sellers for me. Thanks Melissa! I am very pleased with her selection as all of the colors are very wearable and the texture of their minerals can only be described as creamy.

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From left to right & top to bottom: Apple, In The Garden, On The Phone, Cookie Sheet, Nick Nack, Once and Again, Favorite Hoodie.

Individual Product Reviews:

Apple (blush) - A creamy blush that starts off as a medium pink but then buffs out to a sheeny rose. Stipple this on and then buff out with the flat top buffer to get that nice flushed sheen.

In The Garden (eyeshadow) - This particular shade has become my staple because it proved itself to be easy to blend as well as being neutral enough to go with almost anything. It really packs a punch for a smoky eye and I would describe this as an intense shimmery brown with gray.

On The Phone (eyeshadow) - First of all, I love all of these names. This packs skin tone/silver shimmer in a beige base. It provides a nice wash of lid color if applied lightly and works nicely as a cool-tone highlighter.

Cookie Sheet (blush) - A plummy blush with very fine light-blue shimmer. This one really brings warmth to the cheeks and made them 'pop' a little more! It is a sophisticated shade that looks grown-up.

Nick Nack (blush) - Is so sweet and innocent! Because it has no shimmer, it is natural-looking. This is a definitely good choice for those with lighter skintones or layered on top of a darker color to add dimension to the cheeks. A nice neutral shade that reminds me a little of Benefit's Dandelion blush.

Once And Again (blush) - Muted wine color that is a little too intense for my cheeks. I can see that this may work for the lips as suggested on their website.

Favorite Hoodie (blush) - Do I detect some very slight green shimmer in this? This reminds me of the color I refer to as a St. Tropez tan. St. Tropez's self-tanning product is so famous because of the green tint in their product. This "blush" from Everyday Minerals can be used as a bronzer or as an eye color. It would look beautiful against medium to dark complexions.

Coming up, side-by-side review of foundations from Everyday Minerals, Lumiere Cosmetics, Meow Cosmetics, Neutrogena, and L'Oreal.

Everyday Minerals foundations & concealer from left to right & top to bottom:
Farily Light, Medium, Olive Fair, Golden Fair, Olive Medium, Sunlight, Light Olive & the Flat Top buffer brush.

Credits: Grayburn

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mayaari said...

Everyday Minerals blushes are absolutely wonderful - I love using Nick Nack as a daily go-to :) I'm sure you'll love all the colors that you have, and your collection will probably grow faster than you think!

The Seeker said...

wow, great stuff!!!

Oh dear, I don't know what's happening, I've started the week as if it was already friday, tired and stressed.

Thanks for the support

Grayburn said...

Hello Mayaari,
I think I may have to go back for some more EM blushes as you said :) I will have to try the infamous waffle cone some day!

Hi Seeker :)
Oh dear, I feel the same as well. But soon you go on your holiday so don't worry and start relaxing ok?
luv, Grayburn

Izar said...

You know I've been waiting for this post of yours. :-)

I see In The Garden has gained itself another devoted fan. No wonder though: it's such a universally flattering color. Kind of neutral if you think about it but it still has an edge to it.

Nick Nack looks like something I'll definitely have to try next time: do I detect a hint of peach there? :-) Cookie Sheet and Apple are on their way to me so I'll soon have a chance to test them but I'm glad you like them 'cause that means they must be very pretty.

Favourite Hoodie might just work as a bronzer for me (I tend to like things that have green in them. They usually come off as more natural on my skin.) I'll give that one a try too next time.

Thanks for this fantastic review, I loved it!

Have a nice weekend!


Grayburn said...

Hello sweet izar :)
Oh you've brought out the EM monster out of me! You really must try Nick Nack..it's so soft and pretty. Don't you just love playing with blushes? I'm worried though that favorite hoodie may be too dark for you. But if it doesn't work, it works great as an eyeshadow :)


Christine said...

hi, may i know the size of the eyeshadows? and also, if you use it everyday, how long would it last approximately? thank you.

Grayburn said...

Hi Christine, I have the full sized eyeshadow jar (but they also have sample sizes) which says it is 4 grams. Since mineral eyeshadows are quite concentrated, you will need very little daily; which means a jar will last for a long long while.

Hope this helps!