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Random Poll

Makeup in shimmery or matte formulas: Shimmery

Current fragrance: Gucci by Gucci

Favorite makeup artist: Jane Bradley (for Leona Lewis)

Nail polish: Hema's #184 (best polish under 3 euros!)

Music: Kylie Minogue's 2 Hearts

Lips: The Body Shop Almond lip butter, MAC 3N lipstick, MAC 2N lipglass

Blush: Everyday Minerals blush in Apple

Looking for: good face makeup primer, new fragrance (recommendations?)

Weather: sunny and cold in Amsterdam

Accessory: big ring and ponytail

What about you? Let me know about yours in comments!

picture credits: elle.com

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The Seeker said...

How nice to know these details that function like advices.
I'm glad the weather was sunny despite cold in Amsterdam.
We had already a sunny day, but also not warm.
That makes us feel more up.

I also like fur look, but when I think of that cruelity with animals... The big problem is the way they are treated and the way they are created just for that propose.

Take also care of you dear.
These transition days for spring are difficult.


Kate Monoi said...

Oooh fun! I would recommend smashbox primer and try bond no. 9 perfumes grayburn :)

Makeup in shimmery or matte formulas: def shimmery!

Current fragrance: Bond No.9 Little Italy

Favorite makeup artist: Pat mcgrath is amazing!

Nail polish: Sally Hansen diamond strength black

Music: Erika badou

Lips: Bourjois eau de gloss in moka frappe

Blush: bourjois rose d'or

Looking for: eye cream that does what it's supposed to do

Weather: cloudy & cold as well!

Accessory: my nail polish is my accessory!

Izar said...

Makeup in shimmery or matte formulas: EM's semi-matte :-)

Yep, this is definitely fun! :-) Lessee now...

Current fragrance: Very Irresistible by Givenchy

Favorite makeup artist: I'm in awe of all of them really.

Nail polish: AVON Mirror Shine NP in Glossy Berry

Music: Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell

Lips: Bourjois 3D Lip Gloss in Framboise Excentric 98

Blush: Everyday Minerals Chit Chat

Looking for: Something that quickly hunts down and kills zits...

Weather: stormy (ripped out two big trees near us)

Accessory: a garnet necklace

Grayburn said...

seeker, thanks sweetie! I think I also need a vacation but my schedule just doesn't allow me at the moment. That reminds me, I need to get some of those stones you were talking about :)

Kate, eyecream is so tricky! I really think it is the most insanely difficult to find one that does it all. What type of eyecream are you looking for though (ie. emollient, hydrating, refreshing)?

Izar, haha lol yes the perfect in-between of semi-matte! I love that one as well from givenchy. You've got taste! About the zits, find out why you're getting them first :)

Izar said...

Oh I found out a long time ago: I have PCO, but the only solution was taking the pills which made my hair fall out in huge amounts so I had to stop that. Eating less carbohydrate does not change anything when it comes to my acne either so that's that, I guess. :) Usually benzoyl peroxide works like a charm but lately my face got all stobborn on me and I'm not very eager on poisoning my face either. Oh well, I can't be helped. :-D

Shannon said...

Absolute best brush is the Jane Iredale Kabuki brush. You can find it at www.AgelessApple.com and plus they give a portion of profit to animals in need.

Grayburn said...

Hi Izar,
I am sorry to hear that you have PCO. It must not be easy dealing with it and I can see that you've tried different routes. I think our skin goes through phases with the seasons' change, so it may just be its way of doing that. A friend of mine had problems with acne and had tried everything as well. Finally, he was prescribed accutane and switched to a gentler cleanser which helped quite a bit actually. Do check out paula begoun's website as there are alot of information there(although maybe not specific to your issue) that may help a little.

Take care luv, Grayburn