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Mineral Makeup Series - Face Brushes

My experimentation with mineral makeup has led me to even more and better makeup brushes. The team of brushes I had previous to my mineral purchases were no longer good enough for the job. I thought hard because I knew that by purchasing more brushes for the purpose of applying mineral makeup, that it would open up a whole new world of makeup. One that I was not sure I was ready for.

Now, with the help of my team of face brushes (and lots of practice) behind me, I can truly say that I am comfortable with mineral makeup. So please let me introduce you to my personal team of face brushes:

Lumiere's Original Kabuki
I love to use this to apply my first layer of all over mineral foundation. The synthetic hairs on this brush are very densely packed and are really as soft as everyone says. The rounded shape of a classic kabuki allows the brush to follow the contours of the face particularly well. This makes it simple to work with and great as an all over buffer. The only trouble I have with this brush is that it is difficult to rinse clear after washing because of how densely packed the hairs are. Because of that, it dries slower than all of my other brushes.

Everyday Minerals Flat top buffer
I use this to apply an additional layer of mineral foundation to any particular areas that need extra coverage. The soft, flat top on this brush allows for a more concentrated and controlled application of powder. I have also found it great for buffing out blush that may have been applied unevenly or heavily.

MAC Heirlooms Face Brush Set

This was probably the best investment I have made on makeup brushes. I have raved about this set before so I will just tell you what I use them for.

187se - great for light and even application of any powders and liquids. I simply cannot do my makeup without this! It is used with everything from my liquid primer and foundations, to my powder blush and setting powder.

190se - a 'cushiony' liquid foundation brush. I do use this to smooth on extra mineral foundation on specific areas.

168se - I swirl this into contouring powders or all over lid colors and shake it out alot before using on my face. The angle allows precise contouring and blending of upper lid colors.

194se - this concealer brush has longer bristles and a more precise angle than most others I have seen. This is used for spot application of mineral concealer (undereye & spots/scars).

Sonia Kashuk Blusher Brush
Lovely and soft. It allows me to apply concentrated blush color or for packing on highlighter on top of my cheekbones. I really don't get sick of looking at this brush either!

Credits: Grayburn

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Izar said...

I read lots of good things about EM's flat top brush on MUA like that it's dense and doesn't shed like crazy (or at all). I was wondering if the latter one is true, 'cause I wash my no-name brush quite often (every two days so it stays relatively germ-free) and that takes its toll on it. What have been your impressions so far?

And, of course, just as I was about to order one, they went out of stock and won't be back for a while... *mumble, mumble*


The Seeker said...

I didn't know that for mineral makeup the brushes couldn't be anyone.
Thank you for the information.
You're doing a good job, with your structured posts.

Thank you very much for the support about those comments.


Grayburn said...

Hallo Izar :)
I haven't had ANY shedding problem at all with the flat top. Try Lumiere's though if you can't wait because their brushes are really soft as well and don't shed for me (although they take long to dry!). I also just received my Coastal Scents brushes and will write another review for them soon :) Have a great weekend girly! Grayburn

Hi hi Seeker :)
You're welcome and thanks for this great complement! It can be be difficult for natural hair to pick up and buff mineral into the skin (because natural hairs are too soft). Wish you a nice weekend and look forward to seeing your next outfits :) Grayburn

Izar said...

Oooh, thank you so much for the info! I'm glad it doesn't shed: I'd hate to slowly lose my brush. I'll look into Lumiere soon. :-)

Nice day to You!