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From the Makers of Imju Fiberwig Mascara - Mylash Mascara

The company who makes my favorite lengthening mascara, called Imju Fibrewig mascara, also make another mascara called Mylash. It is said to have the same endurance as Imju but without the fibers that some dislike. The Curious George in me had to hunt this mascara down and see how it compared to my Imju.


Tube - both tubes are the same length but Mylash (ML) is skinnier. That tells me that it will have a skinnier brush head. ML's exterior is printed with "for that young and cute appearance". Imju (IJ) has a bulkier feel.

Brush - ML is 3/4 the length and 1/2 the width of IJ.

Formula - ML's formula is thicker than IJ's. Both are completely smear and waterproof on me.

Result - ML did not give me thicker lashes, despite its formula which is is thicker than IJ's. My lashes felt stiff to the touch but the stiffness helped in holding a curl. ML's formula looks slightly darker (black) than IJ's. However, I personally prefer formulas that contain fibers for their lengthening effect.

Sometimes I don't know how good I have it until I come across something lesser. Having fun with makeup is about trial and error and not just about finding the right product. The fun is in finding our way there and it is ok to be swayed off the path once in a while!

Credits: Grayburn

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Kate Monoi said...

I know how much you like imju and am surprised that you tried another mascara! Good to know that this is still a strong fav :)