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MAC's Latest Beauty Powder Blushes in Amsterdam

Yep, it seems MAC international stores have finally released a collection ahead of time! Here in Amsterdam, we are seeing Fafi, Strobe and the Beauty Powder Blushes collections all together. I realize that there is still a lot of frenzy surrounding the Fafi collection at MAC. However, if you can't decide between the two blushes (Hipness and Fashion Frenzy) from the Fafi collection, may I suggest that instead you glance at the new beauty powder blushes first?

I saw them side by side today at the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. Aside from the cute/girly packaging that is Fafi, its blushes pale in comparison to the ones in the Beauty Powder blush collection. These Beauty Powder Blushes buff out radiantly (they have MAC's satin finish). My pick is the hot-bright, yet sheer and completely buildable 'Sweetness' (which I was lucky enough to get). Its texture feels somehow softer than the others. It gives me such a nice feminine glow that I should only be able to get from having done something healthy.

This picture is from an ebay seller, who seem to have the most accurate picture of it that I have seen online.

Have a great weekend!

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The Seeker said...

You always give good information, dear.

Have a great weekend too.


BeautyTalk said...

I JUST bought dollymix, but I'm a blush fanatic so I'm definitely thinking about getting a few od these :)

Grayburn said...

Thanks Seeker :) I hope you had a good weekend as well. I slept alot over the weekend and somehow feel like sleeping some more. Don't know what has gotten into me! hugs, Grayburn

Hi Beautytalk,
hehe that is a dilemna isn't it for us beauty addicts. supposedly, I should set up a budget every month for my beauty expenses but it is MAC who ruins it for me all the time! I think you'll be pleased with the beauty powder blushes. I was thoroughly impressed!


Mischo Beauty said...

Wow- ok I'm loving "Sweetness"! Will definitely pick this one up and add to my collection. Thanks so much for your recommendation!

Mischo Beauty