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Mineral Makeup Series - Pressing Mineral Shadows

(left to right: Cherish, Hypnotic, Rique, Champagne)

We love mineral eyeshadow for its deep pigmentation and for the range of colors they come in. The price of these good quality and highly pigmented mineral shadows can often be much lower than their pressed non-mineral counterparts. However, some of us find it intimidating to work with loose pigments because it takes a still hand and some familiarizing.

I decided to take the leap and pressed a few of my mineral shadows. I realized that the color and texture of the original shadows may be lost forever but for the sake of experimenting and future convenience, I charged ahead. The four of them are pictured in these photos and are all from Lumiere Cosmetics. Pressing shadows may or may not work with your particular type of pigments so proceed with caution and work with a little at a time. Result may vary of course but my shadows became more concentrated, creamy and vibrant after 'pressing'. This 'pressing' technique that I used actually did not require any pressing at all but you could also add the extra step of pressing them to make them more compressed. So far my shadows have not cracked nor crumbled but have made pigment shadow application more foolproof. Here are the 4-5 easy steps:

4 or 5 Easy Steps:

1. Empty pigments into a palette, pan or pot that you want your shadow to be pressed into.
2. Pour in enough rubbing alcohol to wet the pigments.
3. Stir well with a bobby pin or your tool of choice.
4. Let dry until shadows are completely dried before using (apprx. 3 hours).
5. (optional) Press pigments before they are completely dried using a sanitized coin or spoon.

Do you have any beauty DIY tips to share with us?

Credits: Grayburn

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