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Spring Cleaning - MAC & E.L.F. Quad Palettes

left MAC quad, right E.L.F. quad
With the arrival of Spring a week ago, much needed Spring cleaning in my beauty cabinet is at hand. There are piles and stacks of jars, baggies and palettes waiting to be organized, and they all have to be organized in some sensible fashion.

First off, organizing some of my MAC (M) eyeshadows. After having painstakingly de-potted my MAC eyeshadows into the MAC and E.L.F. (E) quad palettes, they are now grab-and-go ready! It is great how MAC and E.L.F. pans fit into each other's palettes. But it is even better that E's quads are cheaper than M's.

The only difference is that the M palette has an easy see-through cover and it comes in the usual sleek black packaging. Though E makes up for it by having a great mirror on the inside of the cover and a duo-ended applicator for eyes and lips.

The tray in the E palette comes off and reveals more space for a 5th pan! You could also mix and match different shapes and sizes of pans and design your own travel palettes with face powder, blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow. Just be careful when placing powdered pans together with emollient lip products as the powder will stick onto the lip product. These are great for when I travel because I can fit all the products I need into one 'day' and a 'night' palette.

Credits: Grayburn

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BeautyTalk said...

I do hate spending so much money on the MAC palettes, this is a great alternative. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that the inner frame came off like that! sweet! Thanks for sharing~