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It's All Coming Up Roses! - Quick Trend Watch

Moving from the previous trends in fabric-molded flower dresses of Marchesa (2006), flowers now come in prints, imprinted in our makeup and dominant in our perfumes. The theme I see over and over again this year seems to revolve around roses. It is a welcome trend for 2008 because it can be worn as soft as seen in the Chanel eyeshadow palette or as bold splashes of color as seen in the Derek Lam collection. A rose is the symbol of delicateness, femininity and romance, and it captures the feel of our current Spring trends beautifully.

Have you already caved in on any of the flowery trends this year? If so, please share with us!

Credits: Kate edt, Christian Dior, Derek Lam, Chantecaille, Chanel, Marks & Spencer, Valentino

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' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

speaking of flowers i'm really lemming the daisies blush from The Body Shop's Spring collection, if only it weren't so expensive.

I like that more and more companies are making the effort to prettify their products :) although it does make me want to buy more stuff i don't need :S

The Seeker said...

Hi dear!
Today I made my makeup kit :)
How I wished you were with me!!!
I bought the things at Douglas, lets see if I did it well.
I will do a post just with those stuff.
The girl at the shop was very dear and gave me some advices.
She tried the look on me and I liked it, it was soft.
I'm worried about doing it myself, specialy the blush.
we'll talk latter.


Grayburn said...

Hey blu3! Hope you had a good Easter btw :) Yeah that seems to be what's preventing everyone from getting TBS's daisies palette. Ir is one of the prettiest of spring. How would you use it if you had it? I was looking at the colors the other day and just couldn't figure out what I would do with it. Maybe you could convince me to get it! hehe..

Hi seeker :)!! You did!! Can't wait to see everything oh my!! Okay, talk to you soon..smiles :)