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Thierry Mugler Cosmetics

The man who is known for his icy and theatrical designs has launched a line of cosmetics under his own name. Thierry Mugler calls his new creations "Dare the Metamorphosis". His fashion shows are crammed with drama and other worldly 'sci-fi', the new makeup line bare the same futuristic theme in its packaging and formulations. Mugler has a very successful house of perfume with Angel (1992) and Alien (2005) as two of his most loved products. Mugler was involved with directing George Michael's "Too Funky" music video as well as Cirque De Soleil's "Zumanity" in 2003.

A few intriguing items from the line:

Cils Vinyle (Vinyl gloss for eye lashes)
" ..black liquid vinyl gloss for lashes with super stretchy...worn on its own or over mascara for vinyl-coated lashes...wet-look. "

Comes in Black only

His love for vinyl and shine shows when it comes to dressing lashes. It claims to have a unique formula but will it be that mascara that delivers the drama we have been looking for?

Hyper Tension (Tightening Face Cream)
" firming, mattifying youth serum...lightly applied over foundation...vinyl polymers, smooths, firms ...gives skin a new radiance. "

Interesting concept of applying something over foundation to mattify and firm the skin. It probably should have a silicon formula which will pose less of a problem or interfere with the applied foundation.

Bleu Glacis (Cooling Effect Concealer)
" ...moisture-rich texture, cooling sensation to minimize dark under-eye circles, redness and imperfections ..silky-smooth melting texture and beneficial cooling effect neutralize localized redness and imperfections, ..even before foundation is applied. While the hight-tech blue pigments capture light to mask imperfections with radiance."

A product that sounds like it should come as GWP (gift with purchase) with our Blue-Ray machine, it uses light-diffusers and blue to counter-balance tiredness under our eyes. The description of the texture sounds amazing and could spell the end of our search for that all-powerful item for our under-eye baggies.

Lip Color (Lip Pen)
"...slanted felt tip, ...just-bitten "

3 shades - Nude, Rosewood, Brown

Flash Lips (Lip Foundation)
" ...smooths, evens and plumps the lips. ...Acacia microspheres, a soft-focus pigment and a subtle pearly mineral pigment to give lips extra fullness and radiance."

2 shades - nude, rosewood

Plexi Gloss (Lip Lacker)
" ...dazzling, futuristic ultra-violet lip gloss. ...liquid crystals which create an unusual, holographic effect for attention-seeking, ultra-shiny lips. "

3 shades - Blue effect, Pink effect, Coral effect

I like the look and feel of this 3-step process as it seems to be an even more elegant way of applying long-lasting lip color than with MAC's Pro Longwear Lipcolor. The lip foundation sounds amazing as the keyword is "plump" rather than "drying" like most lip foundations/concealers tend to be. The second step of applying the lip stain to achieve the "bitten" look sounds light and non-intrusive. The final topping of their Plexi gloss (see the intoxicating shine on the model's lips above) gives it that final Mugler signature of vinyl and ice. I cannot wait to get my hands on these!

Blush Brush
" ...angle round brush will sculpt your face like nothing on earth. "

A new take on the "skunk" brush literally! It looks to be a pretty decent blush brush in quality and style. Will it deliver the steel precision that we would expect from Thierry Mugler?

More on these and other items from the Thierry Mugler Cosmetics line is available at thierrymugler.com
Credits: thierrymugler.com

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The Seeker said...

Do you think vinyl is safe in makeup?
I think this items are really intriguing items
Thanks for informed us about them.


yummy411 said...


Grayburn said...

Seeker, I don't think there's actual vinyl in the products but then that would be intriguing as well hehe!

yummy411, so many fashion designers have a makeup line as well but this one is really the most interesting I think so far.


nilla cookie said...

I love my Angel perfume, and not cosmetics - I'm definitely interested!! Although I can never bring myself to buy most things I can't see in person.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Gemma said...

Im sold on the plexi gloss, even if i dont use it more than once it just looks soooooooooo pretty!!!
I am intrested in the mascara though, currently using ysl, love its falseness but it goes so clumpy and dry's out so quickly what is 'the best' mascara????? x

Grayburn said...

Hey Nilla cookie :) Their plexi gloss seems to be stirring up alot of interest. It is probably the neatest looking gloss I've seen for a while.

Hi Gemma,
The last time I was so excited about gloss was for the Chanel LE glossimer in constellation hehe! I had to abandon my YSL mascara (which was so thickening etc) because it smudges and flakes. It is a shame because they come in so many nice colors. My current love of mascara is for Dejavu fiberwig. It is my HG! I will do an instruction post about it soon as there seems to be confusion on how to use it.
Thanks for dropping a comment!