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Mineral Makeup Series - Lumiere Cosmetics

My makeup cabinet is a complete confusion right now. Had I known that getting into minerals would mean that my former method of organizing my makeup would become obsolete, I might have hesitated a bit more. It's not that I don't welcome more makeup into my collection, but I had just finished organizing! I am now going to have to think of a new system to either incorporate or divide. For the time being, I have a section devoted to Lumiere's cosmetics.

All the colors you see below were
handpicked by Ms. Heinrich at Lumiere's Mineral Cosmetics. They were personally chosen for me and I was told that they include some of their best sellers and limited edition items. Thanks Lumiere and Ms. Heinrich!

I was also told that one item is chosen out of each of their LE collection (based on popularity), to join forces with their permanent collection. Lumiere's silk blushes and silk radiances are to die for! They go on like as a sheer flush of color and make skin look as if it is lit from within!

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Picture above from left to right:
First row - light medium beige foundation (review coming soon), light medium cool foundation (review coming soon), I love you, Starstruck, Hypnotic, Cherry Blossom, Mimosa

Second row - Peppermint Patti, Halo, Seduction, Cherish, Island Sands, Heiress, Risque, Soulmate

Third row - Be true, Bare Beauty, Champagne

Individual reviews

I Love You (Valentine's '08 LE blush) - To me, this is a very shimmery light but bright pink. The blue and gold shimmer looks "party", if you know what I mean!

Starstruck (silk radiance) - A lovely pop of healthy cherry wine color for the cheeks. The shimmer is subtle in silver and purple. It is not clowny at all, in case you were wondering!

Hypnotic (glitz) - It contains larger flecks of shimmer in gold in a shimmery dirty rosy-brown base. Best packed on the lid for nighttime.

Cherry Blossom (silk blush) - A weightlessly sheer and blendable wash of rose-peach with some nice, flattering glow.

Mimosa (silk blush) - Apricot & beige base with fine gold shimmer. Great as a blush for light to medium skin tones or as a warm highlighter for darker skins.

Peppermint Patti (Glitz Eye Colors) - Fun, complex shimmery eye color made from a base of brown and dark-gray, and enhanced with aqua shimmer. Wonderful packed along the upper lashline then smoked outwards.

Halo (Multi-purpose) - This was a LE favorite that Lumiere customers have demanded to be brought back! This is a complete shimmer made of silver and skin-tone sparks. It buffs out to an angelic dust.

Seduction (Valentines '08 LE Multi-Purpose) - A satiny powder great for contouring or intensifying other colors with. This is a cocoa-taupe shade with a slight sheen that is alot warmer and darker than my MAC Emote.

Cherish (Valentine's Collection '08) - I recently read an article in Allure where they were praising the look of shimmers on eyes. This is the color I immediately thought of when I was reading the article. I would pack on this bronzy/gold shimmer with flecks of green shimmer, to get that look I saw in the Allure magazine!

Island Sands (silk radiance) - One of my musts when I want to highlight the top of my cheekbones. This one is really universally flattering because it is a neutral-to-cool peach/cream.

Heiress (shimmer) - This provides a fine iridescent wash of bluish/purple soft pink. The same texture as their eyeshadow but with a little more kick of shimmer.

Risque (Valentine's Collection LE '08) - A deep purple with red shimmer that is fine textured. Can be great for a sultry nighttime do but not one I would wear often.

Soulmate (Valentine's Collection LE '08) - Charcoal/dark gray base, sprinkled with light-blue and silver shimmer. The chunkiness of the shimmer makes it a little difficult to blend evenly so this is best used packed on for lots of drama or as a liner (with a sealant).

Be True (silk radiance) - Sheer with some nice color payoff. It can be used as a bronzer for medium to medium dark skin tones. Its color can be summed up as rosy brown with fine gold shimmer.

Bare Beauty (silk radiance) - Really silky and like all silk powders from Lumiere, they are finely milled. This one would work wonders with summer skin to give it that 'glow' or as a light pink/peach blush that reminds me a little of the Luster blush from Nars.

Champagne (eyeshadow) - A mid-tone yellow beige with silver & gold shimmer. The shimmer in this is slightly chunkier than those in their silk blushes. However, it is not so much chunkier that it is not blendable. This is a great highlighter because of it is yellow-based and not too loud.

Lumi Lips (see picture left): Lumiere has developed a great line of lipglosses called Lumi Lips. They are my pick of lipgloss to wear to the hairdresser (because your hair doesn't get stuck on your lips with this on), or if you are like me, like the look of glosses but hate the stickiness. They are great toppings for lipsticks.

One & Only (LE) - I cannot be without this one (including my MAC 3N lipstick)! If you are reading this Ms. Jones, please make this a permanent item, please! This neutral pink is the glossy that is the exact topping I have been looking for my 3N. It is slightly lighter than 3N so it lends interest and dimension to lips.

Hot & Ready Red - A warm red that is sheer enough to wear during the day.

Coming up:

Review of Meow Cosetics, Everyday Minerals, Neutrogena Mineral Sheers, L'Oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Makeup, and my pick of the best for foundations, eyeshadows & blushes!

Credits: Grayburn

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Vanessa said...

Nice haul! I love Lumiere! Their pre-brush buys are awesome!

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wow, how much information.
Thank you, great job.
Now I have to digest all this.

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