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Time To Play! Where To Find Inspiration

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), youtube.com

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shopinchic said...

I loved the video! I'm inspired by everything, but I'm a little partial to the coral makeup since its vivid yet still tame enough~

Grayburn said...

Hey shopinchic, there seems to be a craze about coral lately and it is a color that adapts well to situations. I get what you mean by vivid yet tame...it is bold indeed but without the scariness of fuscia or blood red.

hope all is well,

The Seeker said...

Hi G*, hope everything is ok, darling.

Loved the video, do you think a coral lipstick would go well with me???



Grayburn said...

Hey Seeker,

I'm doing really good, thanks sweetie! How about you?

There's a coral for everyone :) So yes, most definitely is for you!

xo Grayburn