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The Story On Statement Lips

Style.com has done an interesting summary of 'statement lips' throughout our history. What great lengths we went to, and still go, to beautify our pouts; the pain we were and are still willing to endure to achieve them. What were Cleopatra's methods (using crushed ant eggs + crushed carmine beatles), or deliberate efforts of the servicewomen to boost morale during war times (which made it almost mandatory to wear a shade that matched the servicewomen's lips to the red in their uniform) has progressed over time and still remains an obsession for us. The various colors, shapes, and finishes that lip coloring come in is indeed symbolic of the degree in feminine strength, female power.

Slide show can be seen at:

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), lucanialab.ning.com

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Cris said...

Fascinating...Thanks :)!

Sabrina said...

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shopinchic said...

That's interesting! Cleopatra is braver than I thought~

La Belette Rouge said...

Fascinating!! I know that I don't feel myself without lipstick. I understand why Cleopatra went to such efforts.