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Summer Nails

The sun has been making occasional appearances here in the past week. This means that sandals can finally come out and it is time to pick out delish colors for our nails!

A nice pop of color can be a nice finishing touch to your look. I have picked out these 4 for 4 different, summer occasions. They are all from a Dutch company called Hema, who makes really quality nail polishes that are comparable to Opi's, but for a-third of the price. Applied on top of Opi's Start to Finish, these polishes last chip-free, for a week. Since their polishes are only named with numbers, I thought it would be a fun game to name these polishes myself!

Hema # 185
I would like to name this one "Dabbing my lips".

I would wear this to a sizzling date that I know is about to get hotter! Imagine a cool summer night, a table for two at an Italian restaurant with an outdoor terrace. In one ear you hear the tongue-curling sounds of Italian, and the other, the stillness of crickets. In front of you, the person sitting there, adoring you. You dab your lips with a serviette after you have tasted the last course, looking intensely across the table.

Hema # 205
I would like to call this "Coy & the Beach".

Coyness is not being seen enough around the beach. This shade stands out against slightly tanned skin, whilst managing to be coy.

Hema # 127
For this one, I give the name "Air Conditioning".

On a hot summer day, it is just unbearably mucky out there. You are comforted by the thought of attending an indoor event later on, which will have air conditioning. The only requirement is that you must wear something nice, perhaps a nice clingy black dress.

Hema # 184
This shall be named simply "Ibiza".

An electric shade that is on trend with the current chilli-colored lips. This has Ibiza written all over it! Takes you from sipping colorful drinks on the beach, to enjoying an outdoor live performance. It is a great way to add unexpected color to a look.

Credits: Grayburn

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Divine Blackness said...

What beautiful colors! I adore nail polishes...especially on my toes. And I loved how you named and described them. How creative!

Do you mind shootin' me an email at Brittany@ClumpsOfMascara.com. I would email you first but I'm blogging from my phone and can't locate your email addy. Thaaaaanks!

The Seeker said...

Such bright and summer-ich colours.
Such a great post.
Makes me want all of them.

Take care dear.