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On Board Beauty

I have arrived in Toronto! My readers are so smart - Kyle and The seeker have both guessed my destination correctly!

The flight went pretty smooth and I enjoyed catching up on a few movies and tv shows. The thing that I love most about traveling is not only that I get to experience a new and different environment/culture, but that I get to pack. Something about packing my luggage really soothes me. I love getting everything organized and planning out all the beauty/cosmetics/outfits I will be needing. There is also an immense sense of satisfaction at the end of the trip, when everything went according to plan.

I believe that even if I am just sitting on a plane, I should still pamper myself. The skin lotions that they provide in flight always smell like dated perfume and are not at all moisturizing. With the dry cabin air, one really needs to bring good quality products and they all have to fit inside a little plastic zip-lock bag and be under 100ml, if they are liquids or gels. Now these are the kinds of challenges that I like!

Here's a list of the simple yet effective products that I packed with me:

In the Zip-lock bag -
1. L'Occitane Visage Eau Essentielle Immortelle Biologique (30 ml) - spray the face frequently to refresh, hydrate and indulge in the scent.

2. Tears Naturale II (15ml) - eye drops to ease dry eyes.

3. L'Occitane Elixir A L'huile Essentielle D'immortelle Biologique (5ml) - patted on my skin after I've sprayed my skin with #1, as soon as we are in the air.

4. Labello SOS lip balm (10nl) - really softens and hydrates. It stays on until I wipe it off before a meal.

5. Decleor Aromessence Baume De Nuit Rose D'Orient (2.5ml) - Extra care when I want more nourishment and protection from cabin air.

6. L'Occitane Creme Ultra Riche (8ml) - It has a comforting scent and the cream is thick yet non-greasy to treat my hands.

7. Cargo Lip Gloss Duo in Kan Kan - A huge tin containing beautifully coordinated colors for adding a natural-looking gloss to the lips. The one I brought with me has a beautiful shimmery brown with gold specks and a beige/pink with silver specks. I apply the darker shade on my top lips and the lighter shade to the bottom. I know that Cargo's glosses are faved by Madonna!

In my makeup bag -
1. Versace Powder Compact - This comes with a real hair brush that fits in the bottom compartment of the compact and the brush is wide enough to cover the face.

2. Shiseido Paper Powder sheets - Absorbs oilies and prepares my face for makeup which I apply before landing.

3. MAC Eye Kohl in Powersurge - With a great consistency and a great shade for a natural look but with a slight twist!

4. Shiseido Majolica Majorca Brow Customize Sword Cut - I cannot express how much I love this brow crayon. It's portable, it has a texture that glides and the angle-cut gives great precision for my brows.

5, 6, 7.... Hair brush, toothbrush, mints, gummy bears, Blax Snag-free elastics in transparent etc.....

I'm really interested to hear what you bring with you when you fly. Feel free to share with us.

Credits: style.com

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The Seeker said...

What a great list and tips for organizing a bag to carry with us in the plan.
When I do my trips I don't carry a thing because of those regulations.
Now I've great information.
Thank you so much dear for sharing with us your smart way of doing things.

And thank you to have mentioned me :D


ellie said...

That's a lot of makeup!