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I have just arrived back in Europe and feel terribly jet lagged. It seems like I have been so far away and it looks like much has changed around here.

Whilst on the plane, I watched Ms. Minelli in Cabaret. I must say that I adore the nail polish in the shade of emeralds that she wore during her "Mein Herr" number. That was probably the first time anyone had worn such an unusual shade (it was a shade called Divine Decadence).

I am curious what shade for nails you might find particularly unusual? And, if any of you know of a similar shade to Divine Decadence, please do share!

Credits: youtube.com

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The Seeker said...

Welcome home dear!!!
I know that feeling of jetlag, wow, it's terrible.

I hope you had fun and have enjoyed your trip.

Are you going t share with us some details?