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Project: Celebrity Junk Drawers by Jason Mecier

An exhibit fit for us beauty junkies; Jason Mecier uncovers the junk in Celebrities' drawers and created portraits of celebrities out of the items waiting to be tossed. This is an interesting way of looking into celebrities' cabinets, to see what products (not only beauty items) they personally like and use up. Thank you Mr. Mecier for satisfying our curiosity!

I personally like these 3 out of many he has done. Pay special attention to Barbi Benton's hair made up of Chanel & Revlon items, and Morgan Fairchild's blue swimsuit made out of Christian Dior products. I can see that Parker Posey likes her MAC products as much as we do!

Credits: jasonmecier.com

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The Seeker said...

That's really cool.
Thanks for sharing with us.