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Summer Skin - A Focus On Self-Tanners (Body Edition)

What a delight it has been to hear from one of my readers, Kyle, on his opinion about the Jergens self-tanners. It is even better that I get to share the information with all of you! Here is the second segment of "Summer Skin - A Focus On Self-Tanners" - Body Edition.

Jergens Natural Glow Express Body Moisturizer (Medium)
- as experienced by Kyle -

Kyle expertly made sure that he had prepped his skin before the application of this self-tanner. He wanted to get it right! The first 2 days of application went smoothly and he seemed pleased with the results. However, the morning after his 3rd application, he awoke to something that he could not have imagined! With his new orange-d skin, he had to resort to covering up in long pants and a hoodie!

Intensity - full intensity reached after the 3rd application but the color was rather undesirable.

Application - seemed easy enough!

SPF - none

Smell - typical self-tanner.

St. Tropez Auto-Bronzant Lotion

Set in a gel of aloe vera, the color of the liquid can only be described as a hybrid between dark brown and green. Oddly enough, that combination creates the perfect hue and leaves behind the desirable 'St. Tropez' tan with no carrot.

Intensity - this reaches a good intensity after the second application. If you only want a glow, stop after the first application or better yet, opt for a body lotion with gradual self-tanner instead!

Application - the liquid is light and with good slip so it is easy to apply. It is best applied on pre-moisturized skin; especially if there are dry patches of skin. Apply twice a week to maintain color.

SPF - none

Smell - chemical but not offensive

L'Oreal Sublime Glow Daily Moisturiser + Skin Tone Enhancer (Medium)

This is by far the best for that "I've just been touched by the sun" glow. The color is buildable and the lotion has fine shimmers in it which gives the skin a perfecting glow.

Intensity - great buildable color that reaches its peak after the fourth application.

Application - I find this completely fool-proof as you apply it like a body lotion. The texture of this lotion feels just as nourishing as The Body Shop body butters, but not as heavy. For just a touch of color, alternate this lotion every other day with your usual body lotion.

SPF - none

Smell - by far the most tolerable. Actually it smells like mango butter; a scent I have come to really appreciate!

Neutrogena Build-a-tan

Neutrogena has been around since the early days of self-tanning. The orange packaging stands out amongst all of the other self-tanners in the drugstore isle.

Intensity - quite intense for me after the first application. The color that it gives is not what I would normally prefer.

Application - its thin texture makes blending difficult and resulted in some streaks for me.

SPF - none

Smell - not my cup of tea!

Estee Lauder Fast Tan Quick-Dry Sunless Spray SPF 15

Estee Lauder was one of the first companies who came out with a spray-on self-tanner. I remember when it was such a revolution, because it promised streak-free color and ease of application.

Intensity - good color but....

Application - I don't think I am made for spray tanners. I have tried several and I just cannot seem to learn the right technique. There were patches of uneven color after my first application (even when I blended), which I thought would be fixed by the second. It did not and only emphasized the patchiness even more.

SPF - boasts a protection factor of 15

Smell - like self-tanner!

Credits: Grayburn, Kyle Kyle (audiboy2006<@>aim.com ) has kindly offered his contact email for those wanting more information on the Jergens self-tanner.

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alien man?! said...

O GNOS KYLE!!! Orangey really sucks :( Hope you got urself a good exfoliator!

The Seeker said...

Thank you so much for all this information.
I'm going to print it to study what I'm going to do, I don't want to wake like Kyle... orange ;)


Have a great weekend dear.

Kyle said...

Hey Grayburn,
I recently discovered a self-tanner called the Rodial Brazilian Tan Dark ad Brazilian Tan Light. Have you ever used these products?

Grayburn said...

Glad to have shared this information with you all!

Kyle: I haven't tried Rodial Brazilian yet. Do you think that I should?


Kyle said...

Yes, I have heard that is it very good. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson, and Eva Mendes use their tanners. They also make the darkest self-tanner on the market, the Brazilian Tan Dark.

It is a bit expensive at $59 USD. You can read about it at this link:

That is the link for the DARK version, but I think I might go for the LIGHT version.

Also, good news! They ship internationally so it is something that you can consider!

Kyle said...

Hey Grayburn,
I think i'm going to can the idea of buying the Rodial tanner.
I just used the product again and i had to wear another hoodie today and it was 85 degrees out today!

I was orange on the second try.

So, I think I might just opt for the St.Tropez tanner that you did a review on. It's half the price of the Rodial.

My skin is fairly white, i'm worried that it will look orange...
Have you had good colour with this product?

Kyle said...
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Kyle said...
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Grayburn said...

Kyle: Oh no, not another orange experience! Rodial sounds so expensive and not worth the effort. I do personally love St. Tropez and L'oreal's for the body. I haven't experienced any orange yet from either. Hope this is helpful!


Kyle said...

I think it might be my skin tone. It is always sort of yellow-ish. I'm not very white either.

I'm more interested in the St.Tropez. Is one application dark enough for a good tan?

Also, have you tried the Hawaiian Tropic Island Radiance products? I heard that they were good and they are only $9 USD!

Grayburn said...

Kyle, You will find the right one for your skintone soon! It is all about trial & error. Have fun along the way! I think one application of St. Tropez should be enough (for me it is).

Hawaiian Tropic has certainly been in the self-tanning business for a long time. I have never tried their products but from what I have seen about their self-tanners, they get pretty fair reviews. Since they don't cost that much, I would say it is a must-try! You may even be able to ask for a sample from the company directly?

Good luck and I can't wait to see which self-tanner you will eventually deem HG :)

take care,

devan said...
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