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A recent trip to Canada delighted me with the opportunity to participate in the Back to MAC program, where one can simply bring back 6 empty eyeshadow cases in exchange for a new lipstick (MAC counters), or a choice of a lipstick, eyeshadow or lipgloss (at a free-standing MAC store). I took to that opportunity as the program is only available in North America.

I love the looks we saw on the models at the Chanel Autumn/Winter show in Paris (I wrote about it here). I went to MAC, with those looks in mind.

Here is the shadow that I picked out, which I believe will work well with my skin tone, and comes close to the shade I was looking for. It is called Amber Lights (Frost), which is a true amber with a metallic finish. I will be pairing Amber Lights with MAC's Goldmine eyeshadow and E.L.F.'s Golden Glow eyeshadow (not a sparkling gold but rather a light sheeny bronze). All of the shadows are gorgeous applied concentrated and as a wash over lids.

Amber Lights has also been likened to the Golden Gold shade in MAC's recent palette releases, which is part of the Dress Camp collection. Dress Camp sold out in less than a day.

Is there a look you have seen that you are absolutely dying to replicate or re-create? Please share!

MAC Amber Lights

E.L.F. Golden Glow

E.L.F. Golden Glow & MAC Amber Lights

Credits: Grayburn

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The Seeker said...

Wow, I love your new layout!!!
The banner is great.

Well it seems you chose a nice shadow.

I'm trying to remember but since I'm an absolute newbie, I just don't look as much as you make up divas do when I see some make up looks.

Thank you my dear for the support, I'll talk to you latter. It hasn't been easy...


Divine Blackness said...

Ohhhh la laaaa, the new layout made my day. Beautiful look. I have Amberlights and think that it is a beautiful gold. However, I have to be careful because if I pack it on too much I end up looking a big crazy.

Grayburn said...

Thanks seeker & divine blackness!
I have always wondered which colors we would pick out as best of MAC if we were to go to MAC store together.