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Summer Skin - A Focus On Self-Tanners (Face Edition)

blessed with light-medium skin tone, I have had many opportunities to test a bunch of self-tanners on the market. My ballroom dancing days took my self-tanning adventure to a deep hue of burnt leather, but now with dance competitions out of my system, I prefer what is referred to as a 'glow' instead of copper.

There seems to be a backlash recently against self-tanners because they may encourage sun tanning. Beauties such as Dita von Teese, however, have shown us how beautiful it is to be pale and to be wearing an SPF of 50 at all times. Perhaps it is not the hue of the skin that matters but rather the method we choose to achieve it. All in all, I believe that self-tanners are a blessing for those who have skin pigmentation issues as the color helps to even out the skin tone. Either way, here is my take on some of the self-tanners I have tried. I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Kyle, a wonderful reader of mine, who has volunteered information on his experience on Jergen's self-tanners for this post. Since Kyle and I have different skin types and tones, it is invaluable to have his input.

Jergens Natural Glow Face (medium skin tones)
- as experienced by Kyle -

Voted as the best drugstore self-tanner for the face by the Allure magazine, this little number is said to have transformed Kyle's pale complexion into what he described as "wonderfully natural glow", by the fourth application.

Intensity - medium. The color that this developed into helped to "lessen the noticeability of the redness" that Kyle has in his skin.

Application - with ease. Kyle mentioned that he would definitely buy this particular product again!

SPF - none

Smell - slight self-tanner smell diluted by the scent of cocoa butter.

(Kyle's account of the version for the body coming next post!)

L'Oreal Nutri Bronze Face (light to medium skin)

This is a gradual self-tanning daily moisturizing lotion containing Aquamine and self-tanning agent. It claims to provide 12 hours of hydration as it is meant to be used as a daily moisturizer.

Intensity - medium. Full color after 3 applications. I find that the color comes out slightly orange on my skin.

Application - moisturizing, but does not glide as easily for me. As it does not blend as easily as I would like, the color became slightly patchy.

SPF - none

Smell - flowers and self-tanner

Clarins Radiance-Plus Self Tanning Cream-Gel

Substitute this every 2-3 days into your daytime moisturizing regimen. This one is completely fool-proof and feels light yet moisturizing.

Intensity - medium. This is meant to give a natural-looking boost of radiant color to the skin and not as a 'bronzer'. It does just that with no orange or lobster.

Application - elegant application that glides on and absorbs quickly, while manages to moisturize.

SPF - none

Smell - its elegant application and the natural glow it gives makes me forget that it has a slight self-tanner smell.

Chanel Précision Soleil Identité (Soleil Doré/Golden)

Leave it up to Chanel to create another product that is such a pleasure to use. Yes, self-tanning can be an enjoyable experience. As with all Chanel's products, the experience starts from admiring it's packaging (it's monographic look and the way it feels in your hands). This comes in 2 shades; golden or bronze. It is meant to give us that 'just-back-from-vacation glow'.

Intensity - medium. Reaches it's full intensity by the 3rd application. The color is similar to Clarins' but slightly warmer.

Application - A pleasure; creamy and with enough slip for ease of blend.

SPF - provides a protection factor of 8

Smell - Amazing! Extract of White lily and something else which gives it an irresistible flower & cookie scent. Never thought that I would say this about a self-tanner.

Credits: Grayburn , Kyle (audiboy2006<@>aim.com ) who supplied information about the Jergens self-tanner has kindly offered his contact email for those wanting more information on the it.

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The Seeker said...

I'm so afrais of these sel-tanners.
I always think I'm going to be with my skin orange.

Maybe with this information I'll try one...

I'm looking forward for the body information, specialy the legs, still I have the same fear of getting orange :)


alien man?! said...

I love Jergens b/c the effect is so subtle but definitely noticeable. There is no patchiness whatsoever and the color looks natural, without a hint of orange. I only use it on my legs b/c my legs catch the least tan and I want to even my body out. I try so hard not to tan but I tan too easily, but my legs can't seem to catch up b/c they are hidden the most.

Thanks for the brand mentions!

Grayburn said...

Hi seeker, I do love self-tanners in the summer because it means that I can wear less makeup but still have color on my skin! It really helps to even out skin tone. The new self-tanners now are easier to use and the color is much better. Do give them a try!

alien man?!, I have the exact same issue with my legs as well! I seldom get to reveal my lower body so there is a disconnect between the upper half and lower portion of my body! Self-tanners to the rescue!


La Belette Rouge said...

I have always been put off by the smell, difficulty of use and the orangey cast. But, as I have super pale porcelain skin--I have long looked for a product that could give me a little colour without any of the self-tanner pitfalls. Thanks to your great reviews, I think I am going to give Chanel a try. Thanks so much!!:-)

Grayburn said...

la belette rouge, I hope this will work out great for you as it has for me! Can't say enough about Chanel...