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Window Shopping - Amsterdam's Diesel Store

Subject: Diesel
Display Style: hip, casual, old school revamped
For: Men & Women

A brand renown for its cool-sexy take on casual dressing, the Diesel store in Amsterdam has 2 floors worth of uninterrupted Diesel experience. An Amsterdam shopping itinerary will almost always have this shop on its list en-route to MAC cosmetics, as they are almost next door to each other.

From the moment that you enter the store, you will likely be greeted by bright-faced, enthusiastic SA's and loads of jeans styles to choose from. However, my last experience in their change room was less encouraging, as I found the lighting inadequate to see what I was trying on. One thing that you should notice is that they carry some pretty cool-sexy casual things to sleep in.

Diesel really made its mark on the fashion market since the late 70s by introducing its various styles of jeans. The woman's jean style named Louvely and the man's jean style named Zathan are two of the brand's more popular choices. Recently, Diesel sponsored a design contest which features the Diesel Wall; outdoors walls in New York, Zurich, Barcelona, or Manchester that feature submissions of expressive work from locals .

My pair of Diesel jeans that I bought almost 8 years ago are still in great condition today. They are certainly one of my favorite brands for jeans. What is/are your favorite brand(s) of jeans?

Credits: Grayburn

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