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E.L.F. Glow & Nars Orgasm

Nars Orgasm
A blush with a huge cult following and number of reviews almost at 2,500 on MUA, Nars' Orgasm has established itself as an all around crowd pleaser. A walk through any makeup store such as Sephora and you will notice that many other companies carry a suspiciously similar color.

I noticed some raves on E.L.F's version (named Glow). I bought mine online for 2.30 eur (it is sold in the US for $1). Who doesn't love a bargain right? Both are meant to impart a certain 'lit from within' quality on your skin, but E.L.F.'s may be more age-appropriate, considering that most of its fans' ages run a little lower.

E.L.F. Glow
The two blushes are no doubt equally gorgeous colors. However, I suspect that the copycat version will get used up very quickly. It's pigments are not pressed firmly enough so the slightest touch with a blush brush picks up a lot of pigment. Also, the blush being so soft leads to a high risk of the blush cracking (very messy if it cracks in a quad and gets onto the other colors). Not to mention, you get about a-third as much in the pan.

My Nars on the other hand, has endurance, class and dependability. It goes with me easily wherever I go and I know that its understated chic packaging will not embarrass me in public. At 10x the price, it's the least I could expect.

Credits: Grayburn

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' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

i have the ELF Glow and love it :) i always suspected it looks similar to Nars Orgasm but since I don't own it, I couldn't really say. Are they quite similar when you swatch them?

i always forget how soft the ELF blush is though and end up picking too much haha. Mine already has crack at the side because I carried it around in my ELF palette at one time.

Emilee @ GMM said...

I've seen a lot of dupes for Orgasm, but nothing really lives up to the original. Of course, at $25 vs $1, nothing can compare to the original in terms of price, hah.

I keep forgetting that E.L.F. has really expanded their product line. It might be worth checking out next time I'm in Target.

La Belette Rouge said...

I have the Nars Orgasm blush. And, it is good. But, I have other blushes that I reach for with greater frequency.

The Seeker said...

Your pointing to details that despite the brand we can observe when buying a blush.
Thank you for that.


Kyle said...

Hey Grayburn,
I just recently cam accross this self tanner that is supposed to be really good. It's called Rodial Brazilian Tan Dark. It's pretty pricy but I heard it is used by many celebs like Jessica Simpson and Eva Mendes.
Do you know anything about this product? Have you ever used it?

Grayburn said...

blu 3: The two of them are somewhat similar, but Nars' is more shimmery, sheer and less 'pink-coral' than Glow. I really worry about the cracks as well with my ELF shadows and blushes as one of them arrived cracked! I had to fix it with some alcohol which was not fun..

LBR: Oh which ones do you love to reach for? I'm curious :)

The seeker: You're welcome my dear :)

Kyle: I have heard of their products but not particularly for their tanners. Well both Jessica and Eva have beautiful tans!


Grayburn said...

Emilee: I really have to agree with you. I too think it's worth its price since it lasts a long time and doesn't ever crack in my purse.

Def check out ELF as all the items available in the US (and not in Europe :(.. ) look fun; especially the Stila style lipgloss.