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Shiseido Maquillage Eyebrow Fiber IN

This humble little container from Shiseido's Maquillage line holds a fiber gel/cream that promises fuller, cleaner-looking eyebrows. The tinted
formula provides natural color to finish off carefully defined brows, or can be worn alone to provide a hint of color.

Where this product falls short is its overly 'wet' formulation. You know as well as I do that when either mascaras or liquid eye-liners are too wet, clumps happen and application tends to be hard to control. Another no-no is that the product has a tendency to flake off, leaving white flakes on the face. To add to the insult, it is not powerful enough to hold brows in shape all day.

I love quite a few products from Shiseido, and her sister lines. However, I am sorry to say that this particular one falls short of my expectations.

Now I need to find a new eyebrow gel that has good holding power and a polished finish. Any recs?

Credits: Grayburn

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Vanessa said...

I like Anastasia's Eyebrow Gel, that stuff is my HG!

The Seeker said...

Hi dear, hope everything is ok.
I've been in a working trip to another island and I haven't been with time to blog.
Tomorrow night I'll be back home, and I'll try to update.

Well, sorry but I don't have any advice, because I'm always looking for you to advise me ;)


Grayburn said...

I'm doing well, thanks. Hope you are ok as well. I was starting to wonder where you were! Hope you had fun eventhough it was a work related trip. Talk to you very soon and oh btw, I still love that hat!

Thanks for the advice :) I know it's good because it's coming from you. Luckily we got Anastacia's products here about half a year ago so I will go check it out!


Anonymous said...

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