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A Brush With Many Talents

There is something sweet about this. It has many talents so it is a definite multitasker. With its lacquered wooden handle and a fan that spans out to an inch-and-a-half, it begs to be held and stroked. The bristles themselves are made from the hairs of the Italian badger which gives this brush its distinctive cream with charcoal tips.

This is a pleasant brush to use. It applies and pats on setting powder, edges on contouring and lightly brushes off eyeshadow pigments that might have accidentally fallen off. All that is accomplished with its angelic light touch.

This is the Italian Badger 104 Deluxe Fan Brush from Coastal Scents. Many of you already know their online site which sells some of the most inexpensive makeup brushes on the net. So you know that this didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

Do you have a favorite makeup brush/tool? I would love to hear about it!

Photo credits: Grayburn

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The Seeker said...

Looks really functional!

I think that for the first time I have a favotite brush. It's one I bought at Body Shop and it's very soft and I can apply blush and powder, I really like it ;)

My sweetie, I'm glad you're a bit better this week. Try to enjoy life and catch the sun :D

Leigh said...

I love Coastal Scents brushes they rock! My favorite brushes at the moment are the flat top bronzer brush and the Stippler brush both from CS.

Grayburn said...

Seeker...I enjoy my Body Shop brushes as well :) Oh and thanks for cheering so hard for the dutch football team! It would have been great to been screaming at the game with you!

leigh...I'm in love with my flat top as well, which I personally think is better than the Italian badger flat top. The stippler is really good for the price even though it doesn't compare to the real thing :)

kisses all around!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

that brush looks nice. i have the italian badger buffer and i do like the cream/black colour of the bristles. Have you tried MAC's duo fibre fan brush? That is one I would love to buy but don't wanna fork out the money for.

my favourite brush at the moment is the MAC 138 for blushes - i like how it applies blushes precisely where I want it, without having harsh edges that needs to be blended.

Izar said...

I've been thinking about getting one of these: it'd be great for contouring my cheeks and enhancing them. Problem is, there are so many things I've been "thinking about getting", I'll be broke by the time I get them all. :-)

Loving the fabric in the background, it's gorgeous!

Grayburn said...

blu3...I would love to have more MAC brushes but I don't see more benefits in having it duo-fiber-ish. Although it would probably look stunning on my makeup table! Oooo, I now must have 138 too! Any dupes for that in mind?

Izar....haha I feel your pain :) Remember that CS is very affordable...it's really hard not to! Yeah, you like my pillow!