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Window Shopping - Amsterdam's Elle Pret-a-Porter

Store: Elle Pret-A-Porter
Display: feminine, crisp, & cool
For: Women

A recent addition to Amsterdam's multitude of retail pickings, Elle Pret-a -porter has finally opened its doors with 2 private shops in the city center.

For Spring-Summer '08, Elle sees us in the cheeriness of lemon curd yellow and contrasting toned down gray. This combination will surely see us comfortably through the season with their mix of structured coats and airy silk or cotton shirts. Throw in some buckled flats and a few edgy bangles, and we are styling in comfortable chique!

What are you favorite styles for this summer? Please share in comments.

Credits: ellepretaporter.eu

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The Seeker said...

So nice. Love yellow and gray, or yellow black and white.
Oh dear... my favorite styles... what can I say, I mix them all (I think).


Grayburn said...

Seeker...Oh you definitely can rock the yellow and gray because I've seen you!

XO Grayburn

Times of Glory said...

Elle's window display is great! I love transparent watershed... silky, floaty and the gorgeous colour mixture is just so soft and poetic! The lemon looks really great, so much better than I imagined xxxxxxxx

Grayburn said...

Times of Glory...I wanted to take a quick snap of this window before it disappears! It is quite a poetic collection from Elle with such light materials. I never paid attention to them until now actually.

xo Grayburn