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A Small Pre-New Year's Resolution

Something has been bothering me for what seems to be ages. The makeup obsessed in me has been hoarding heaps of pigments and loose mineral powders and are now accumulating into an irritating mess.

Last week, I finally found time to make use of the empty palettes I had purchased from Coastal Scents. The point is that I would press my pigments into these empty palettes so that they will be organized and easy to travel with. The goal is to have them all finished by the new year. But pigments just seem to be appearing left and right and out of nowhere and now I think that it is an unrealistic goal.

On the day of the deed, I filled the house with the sound of Lykke Li. I rolled up my sleeves, got ready to get my hands dirty and experienced for myself the love/hate that is pressing pigments.

The process went something like this (a very brief history). Tried to find the right bowl suitable for mixing pigment & liquid, realized quickly that plastic was no good (as the mixed pigment would stick to the sides like crazy), dropped and broke a few small glass bowls.

Screamed, picked up the broken pieces of glass, vacuumed. A few deep breaths in, mixed my first batch, poured into clean metal pan. Waited for it to become dry enough to press, picked up a clean shiny coin, found a piece of cloth, made a sandwich with pigment, cloth, shiny coin and a heavy hard cover book.

Placed all my weight and pressed down on the book, peeled off cloth to take a peek and adored the pretty pattern that the British coin had left on the now pressed pigment. Let dry.

Yes, it was a frustrating process. But the process began to flow and a sort of assembly line then began to emerge. Little by little, I finished all 15 pigments! Look at them above. It may not be much looking at the palette but it is absolutely lovely to me. I have given it an appropriate name I think; Neutral Palette 1. I am so very proud because every time I take this palette out, I am overcome with relief that I no longer have to dig through piles of little pigments jars.

This particular 15-pan empty palette (7.95 USD) from Coastal Scents is not magnetized. They now have smaller, magnetized palettes that hold either 8 or 4 pigments.

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use)

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fashion herald said...

wow, i'm so impressed, and entertained by your story! and that's a beautiful tray of colors.

Izar said...

Hi Grayburn!

Thanks for the well-wishes, I too wish you and your beloved a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year. ^_^ For me it was the previous week that was absolutely filled with things to do and take care of: I didn't sleep more than 4 hours on average... I'm looking forward to blogging a bit more during my 2 week holiday.

Pigment pressing must be a bit like baking: seems (and is) a hassle at first, but when you get down the basics, it becomes more of a pleasant and relaxing activity you can comfortably get lost in. :-)

Beautiful work dear, it looks absolutely lovely!

Take care!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

wow I'm glad you didn't cut yourself! I'd have been too annoyed after that to continue pressing. You have some really nice colours there!

I haven't had the patience to press my MAC pigments yet. As for mineral eyeshadows, I've decided I just can't be bothered with the mess and banned myself from buying any more.

The Seeker said...

What a great work my dear, a beautiful pallete.

I want to thank you all the support and wish you a very happy holidays season.



Lily said...

you did a great job! the pigments look great!

Beauty Tyrant said...

Hey Grayburn

Wow, that's amazing, you really are patient! Pretty pallette you have there now :) Enjoyed reading about your little feat.

Grayburn said...

fashion harald, Thanks! Was quite a production for me but such satisfying experience! I am wondering when I will do palette # 2, 3...

Merry x'mas!

Grayburn said...

Hey Izar! Thank you!
2 weeks sounds great! A well deserved rest and time for to indulge :) I hope you enjoy the time off for the holidays.

Good comparison to baking for pigment pressing. It really was about getting the right ingredients and the right consistency for the pigment 'batter'. Fresh cookies and cakes smell better though LOL!

Have a great time,

Grayburn said...

blu 3, I bought too many empty palettes to give up but don't think it didn't cross my mind! Thanks, so glad to hear that no one thought it was a waste of time :) I am glad I experienced it and well I can't help but keep purchasing more and more loose shadows!

Have a great x'mas!

Grayburn said...

The Seeker, thank you luv and I wish you a joyful and sparkling x'mas!


Grayburn said...

Hey lily, thanks :) If it wasn't for the you all who are so encouraging, I'm not sure if I could have made it through the pressing of pigments.

Happy Holidays!

Grayburn said...

Beauty Tyrant, I'm so glad you think so! It was so frustrating at first; especially when I saw how many I had to do. But after the disaster of dropping the bowls etc. was over, I picked up the pieces again :)

Wish you a merry x'mas!