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How To Use Imju Fiberwig Mascara?

Emails have come through my inbox from both haters and lovers of Imju Fiberwig Mascara. Some rave about the length that they get from using Imju, while others diplomatically rant about the difficulty they have with it. I am a lover of this durable, lash-lengthening mascara and here is how I use it:

1. Apply a mascara base to curled lashes (my personal favorite mascara base is Kanebo's Kate Mascara Base).

2. Apply a thick enough layer of Imju Fiberwig to cover up the mascara base. Let dry.

3. Build length on your lashes by applying Imju Fiberwig to the tips of your lashes over and over again. By concentrating only on the tips of your lashes, you are building length by attaching the fibers there. Alternate between your left and your right eye until the desired length is achieved.

It is scary how much length this mascara gives. At times I have to 'snap' off the extra length because they are just too long. No clumps, just long lashes that blow in the wind!

Credit: imju.com

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The Seeker said...

I didn't know there is a mascara base.
What I've learned with you!!
Thank you.

I wish I had long lashes....

This weekend I tried the foundation/concealer, the powder and as a blush. I think it went well, at least I had some compliments.
I was afraid but I just puted a bit.
Now I'm questioning my self: "Sould I wear every day?", but if I start use it when I don't should it be very different??
You know....


Emilee @ GMM said...

I've been hearing so much about this mascara that I'm tempted to get it...only downside is that the cheapest I've seen is around $25, which is definitely a lot more than I'm looking to spend on a mascara right now. :(

Divine Blackness said...

Woooow...$25? Well, if it really REALLY works then it may be worth the purchase. Does this also give volume?

Grayburn said...

Hi Divine blackness, Actually I don't get mine from Sephora (since we don't have a sephora here in amsterdam), but I order them online. It seems that they are quite a bit cheaper from online stores such as sasa or adambeauty. Do check them out there! The volumne doesn't come from fiberwig since it is purely a lengthening mascara (because of the fibers). I get my volume with a mascara base or a voluminzing mascara. Since I usually put on more than 1 coat of mascara anyway, it's not a big issue for me to be using 2 different mascaras...to get the look I want! Let me know if you do try it alright?

Hi Emilee @ gmm, the mascara is really great for lengthening and is cheaper if ordered on online stores (check my response to divine blackness up top!). Which mascara do you normally reach for the most?

Hi seeker, this mascara really does give long lashes. I have really really short, straight and sparse lashes and this stuff works like a charm and never runs off! I order mine from an online store which delivers to Europe as well. So glad to hear you tried your makeup over the weekend! I know that it may be hard to use them everyday so you may just want to use them on days when you want an extra 'boost'! For me, I wouldn't even think to exit the house without makeup on! It just makes me feel that much better (not that I'm horrible looking without makeup on hehe!).