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Not An Ordinary Skin Treatment - The Garra Rufa

How far would you actually go to achieve smooth skin? With all the available products out on the market, it seems that we are still saying that they are not enough!

The Garra Rufa fish or the 'nibble fish' are small fish from Turkey, who feed off of dead skin cells. This method of 'exfoliation' has been used by the locals to treat psoriasis for some time now. The trend has spread to many parts of Asia where clients of these "fish spas", sit on the side of the pool (filled with the Garra Rufa), with their bare feet in the water, drinking fruit cocktails. According to those who have experienced this 'unique' treatment, the session which last for about 15 minutes (it is all you need) does not hurt because these fishies are toothless. Apparently 15 minutes is all you need with these fish to reveal smooth, baby-bum soft skin!

I am on the border on this one. I like the idea of not having to use scrubs and exert the energy of scrubbing my feet to rid dead skin cells, however, I am really not sure about being tickled by a school of 20 fishies. Though if you would like to see for yourself, there is a video here.

With the warm weather approaching, how do you plan to prepare for the sandal season?

Credits: youtube, daylife

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The Seeker said...

Oh, I've already heard about this fish in the aspect that they could cure some skin diseases.

Well, I must go to a pedicure to prepare to wear nude feets.

Thanks for the support dear about my batle with image...


Kyle said...

Hey Grayburn,
Did you get my new message on your e-mail?
I definetly have some important imformation to tell you about that Jergens products that I tried...I'll write more on e-mail.

I kept thinking about it and I think I might purchase the Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel. Have you ever used it? What's your opinions about it?

Also, I have also decided to get on the bandwagon and purchase some ProActiv Solution. Do you know of Proactiv? I'm just so tired of having pimples and nothing working....

Also, are you going to be doing a article on Self-Tanners soon?

Since you are a "Beauty Expert", do you know of any good products that lessen the size of pores and lession the redness for face?

Let me know at:

Grayburn said...

Hey Seeker ;)have you started to get sun where you are yet? We actually had a beautiful here today in Amsterdam. It was amazing!

Hi Kyle, sorry that I didn't get back to you earlier (I came down with a flu or something) but I've just emailed you. I'll email you also about these questions here as well!

thanks for dropping by!