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Mineral Makeup Series - Liquidfy!

The first thing I do each morning after I get up is head to my computer. This morning as I was approaching my computer desk, I saw something that was a surprise. BFOG (boyfriend of Grayburn) had left a lovely splash of rose petals on my keyboard! A charming way to celebrate the arrival of the weekend!

Back to a more serious topic...

I have read countless complaints out there about mineral foundation. Some of them are about the messiness of loose pigments but most of them are about the cakiness that a few of you have experienced.

There is one way to get around those two issues at once. And that is to liquid-fy or cream-ify your loose mineral foundation. This may not be something new to many of you but because I continuously hear the same concerns from some of you, I thought I should discuss briefly how it is done.

1st method:

I know many of you prefer creamy or liquid formulas when it comes to foundations and concealers. However, it is very easy to convert any mineral foundation or concealer (loose powder) into a more emollient form. It can be achieved simply by combining a small amount of the mineral powder with your favorite facial moisturizer, serum or cream. Try combining your minerals with different emollient bases and you will soon discover one that works best for your skin type. You might even discover that applying mineral foundation and concealer this way can be easier because it requires no kabuki or buffer brushes. Mix them together in your hand to apply the mixture like a tinted moisturizer, or mix them in a dish and you can dip your foundation or concealer brush to apply the foundation/concealer.

There is a another method....

2nd method:

The second method is a little different. In this method, you liquidfy the mineral foundation when it has already been applied dry to your face in the normal fashion. Let me explain. First apply your loose mineral foundation as you would normally with a kabuki or buffer brush. Then spritz your face with a facial toner or spray some of the toner onto your brush. Buff out the facial toner and use it to blend the foundation. This method allows the mineral foundation to get even closer to your skin and the moisture from the toner takes away the dryness that can sometimes be associated with mineral foundations. Just be sure to choose a toner that is alcohol-free and you are good to go!

Credits: Grayburn

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La Belette Rouge said...

I have not tried method number two. I will do so today using the Avene Mineral Water Spray. Thanks for the tip!!

The Seeker said...

So lovely from BFOG...
It's so good the feeling of those "little" things.

I'm going to try my my foundation and concealer this weekend as you suggested. (I hope i'll get the courage)


Emilee @ GMM said...

Awww, how nice. :)

I haven't tried method 2, but sounds like a good idea!

Grayburn said...

Hi la belette rouge :) Oh let me know how it went with the mineral water spray. Hey I wanted to ask you if you have any suggestions on the 'must' buys when I'm in North America (anything goes!)? I'm putting together a list right now for my trip and doing a little budgeting! Thanks!

Hi seeker, yes it was such a surprise and that's why it was a nice treat! You know how most of the time it's really not about the big things...you've got it! Oooh, please let me know how it went ok?

Hi emilee @ gmm :) Congrats on the tutorial on spektra! That was an amazing look! Yes please let me know how it worked for you. Would be really interesting to see if it works for everyone else and not just for me!

Lovely weekend everyone!

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Thanks for this advice! I find that mineral makeup can accenutate dry skin and this is great to know.

La Belette Rouge said...

I am so sorry I didn't see your post sooner. I was away from the computer until today. Must gets are the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner and the Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara. Have a great time!!

Grayburn said...

Hi Fabu-less, I'm glad you found this helpful. If you do try this method, please do drop by and let us know how it worked for you! Take care!

Hi Belette Rouge, Lash Blast is the first item on my list after your recommendation! Thanks very much for your advice and I will definitely drop by Bobbi Brown for quite a few of their things there. I cannot wait!


Izar said...

This post was a god-send: I tried to apply my EM foundation wet once but I didn't like it (I think I picked up the powder with an already wet brush instead of spraying on some water later) and only now did I try it again, this time with great results thanks to your post!

Actually, I first pick up the foundation, then wet it with a few spritzes and then apply it to my skin, but it works fantastically. Thanks ever so much!

I'll experiment with the other methods listed here too.

Izar said...

Oh and those rose petals are such a lovely idea! That BF of your is a real gentleman! ^_^