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Climax Lasting Gel UV Foundation

This foundation from Shiseido's Maquillage line is designed to be worn during Spring and Summer time. I have yet to try this foundation, but feel the need to write about it as I am intrigued by its name. Maybe it should read 'Climate', rather than 'Climax'? Sex sells. If this foundation has the ability to last through em...., you know, then I'm pretty sure that it will sell!

Reading through reviews from people who have tried it, they suggest that it has quite a dry finish. This Climax Lasting line also includes other items such as the compact foundation and a makeup base.

Credits: Shiseido

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The Seeker said...

Why to be worn during Spring and Summer time?
Because of the weather? Does the weather have to do about it?
I'm with you, why climax, because it's related to sex? Because when one's wears it it feels like a climax?
Well, I think I'll look forward for your experience talk ;)


Grayburn said...

Hey seeker :) Sometimes our skin can't tolerate rich products (moisturizers, foundation etc) in the summer time or hotter months. Some companies; especially alot of ones from Asia will produce specific products for certain times of the year. This one from Shiseido has UV protection and is in a gel formulation.

hehe, it's funny what this name makes us think of!

Hope this helps dear,

The Seeker said...

Thank you dear, for your information.


Kyle said...

Hey Grayburn,
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