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I am starting off the week by responding to being recently tagged by * : . b | u 3 . : *. I have been absent lately because I have been so busy working on my other website. I am both excited and nervous to show it to all of you but I promise that I will do that very soon. Thanks for all of your supportive words.

The tag this time is about beauty crimes. I thought this would be a good way to start off the week because then I have the entire week to start correcting them.

3 of my own Beauty Crimes :

At No. 3- Over-indulgence in facial masks
I love having a face mask on and I indulge in that whenever I can. I love the time when the mask is on my face. It is a time when I really feel at peace and for a moment just melt away into my thoughts. Combined with a bath and a scented candlelight, it really is what cloud 9 feels like to me. I know that this doesn't sound like much of a crime but I really do overdo them. I think there is a point when your skin just can't take in all that goodness anymore.

No. 2 - Over-washing
I enjoy getting clean, especially my hair and hands. I love to cook as well, so every time I cook, I probably wash my hands 10 times. That, and the combination of my distaste for smelly hair, has led me to somewhat dry hands and puffy hair. So I spend a lot of my money on hand cream, shampoos and hair treatments.

No. 1 - Picking at spots
I pick and squeeze anything that remotely resembles a spot on my skin. I do my own facial extractions almost every single night If I can. I am that person with the x 10 magnifying mirror on my makeup table staring at her pores. Past over-zealous moments have led to a few scars (but nothing that requires heavy concealer...really, I meant that!). Although, I do have enough concealer artillery power in my beauty cabinet ready to battle any nasty scars.

It is unlikely that I will be able to battle these beauty 'faux-pas' on my own. Let's just see how I do this week! I invite those of you reading this to take part as well; share your beauty crimes, write about them, brag about them.....! You've just been tagged!

Credits: Grayburn

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The Seeker said...

Oh dear your beauty crimes don't take you to jail ;)*lauhg*
Well, maybe nÂș1.... eheheheh.
I have soooo beauty crimes!!
Like to forget to put my face skin care product, to go to bed with makeup, not using a hands cream...
I think that's enough....
I'm looking forward to see your new website. Hope things are still working well :)

So my friend, did you see my makeup boughts?? What do you think of them?