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Fashion, Cosmetics & Home Decor

We have observed fashion power houses such as Chanel, Zara, Paul & Joe, Calvin Klein and, the more recently, Thierry Mugler, expand their markets by dabbing their fingers in cosmetics and home decor. Somehow these fashion designers feel that not only should we wear their designs on our bodies, we should also be wearing them on our lips, lashes, couch, etc. etc.

If you have ever seen pictures of Donatella Versace (of Versace) in her own home, you may have noticed that the pictures look overcrowded . In her pictures, she would most likely to be wearing her own design of shoes, dress, lipstick, sunglasses, and sitting on a chaise lounge adorned with Versace pillows. That room where the picture was taken probably smelled like Crystal Noir. It is simply an explosion of Medusa heads, gold leaves and extravagance.

Not only do I think we will see more fashion designers follow in her footsteps, I think we will see the trend going the other way as well. How eager are we to wear clothes branded with MAC or bathmats labeled H&M? Will we all rush to our local MAC store, to purchase sailor shorts from their Naughty Nauticals collection, or eat with silverware that are numbered?

Credits: Grayburn, Chanel, Thierry Mugler, Versace, Zara, H&M, Paul&Joe

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The Seeker said...

Great collage (don't know how to write it, sorry) you did.

I think those brands want to take over the world *laugh*


Grayburn said...

Hey thanks seeker! Yeah tell me about it! They are really becoming like starbucks..we have a h&m here in the airport in amsterdam! gsssh!